Teitur (FO)

Teitur presents 'Poetry & Aeroplanes'

In 2003, Teitur released his first album, Poetry & Aeroplanes on Universal Records worldwide, produced by the legendary Rupert Hine and recorded in Spain and Los Angeles. Its simple, sincere songs made a critical hit, and a College Radio and Triple A Radio staple in the US. 

Teitur toured USA and Canada extensively, playing hundreds of shows and attracting the attention of artists like John Mayer, Rufus Wainwright, Aimee Mann and KT Tunstall, all of whom took him on tour. 

Songs from the album like 'Sleeping with the lights on', 'I was just thinking', 'Josephine' and 'You're the Ocean' became part of the emotional landscape of many students lives of that era, and the use of 'One and Only' in major Hollywood movies spread his message to a wider audience.

Teitur went on to win Danish Grammies, and release Gold Records, record and tour all over the world, whilst his songs have been covered by everyone from Seal to Corinne Bailey Rae.

Poetry & Aeroplanes has become a frequently name checked Singer/Songwriter Classic and constant demand for the album, combined with the blessing of time, allowed the album to mature like a fine wine. Gradually, Teitur has been driven to perform the album in it's entirety, in running order of the record, with full band and string quartet, which he did first at a massively well received outdoor show in Tivoli in summer 2016, and at selected quality venues in the winter. Now he brings the show back to his beloved Faroe Islands, and the G Festival in 2017.

KT Tunstall “Teitur is the sound of melting ice, haunted woods, and beautiful honesty”  

John Mayer “Music like this is jet fuel on the fire of a broken heart.” 

The Guardian ***** "...Never less than extraordinary" 

NME “..Sublimely gifted, Teitur brings the beauty and the blues that recall Guillemots, Josh Rouse and a heart pummeling Sufjan Stevens..”  

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