26 mar 2024

Greenlandic death metal at G!

We are getting ready to raise our devil horns!

Sound of the Damned is a death metal band from Greenland. What makes this band so special is that they sing and growl in their native Greenlandic language. And what a perfect match!

This will not be their first visit to The Faroe Islands. They recorded their album "Atornerlunnanga" in Studio Bloch, Tórshavn, together with no other but Theodor Kapnas from Hamferð.

These are interesting times, as we are witnessing a drastic change in the new generation of Greenland. The youth is returning to their cultural heritage, which is partially evident from their native face tattoos. And they prefer to speak English instead of Danish when they travel, as a symbol of freedom from colonisation.

It's already official that Of Monsters and Men (IS), Highasakite (NO), Eivør (FO), The Longest Johns (UK), Alice Boman (SE), Aggrasoppar (FO), Hamferð (FO), Alias Morera (FO/DK), Specktors (DK), Dania O. Tausen(FO), Einangran (FO), Knút (FO), Elinborg (FO), Konsørn (FO), Aiming for Enrike (NO), Ash Olsen (NO) Jógvan (FO) Agat (IL) and Nelly Moar (NO) will play at G! 2024, follow us on social media as we announce a new act every Tuesday morning at 9 AM.

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