15 Jul 2024
The Faroese Invasion of Iceland: Panel Discussion at the G! Festival

This year's G! Festival will feature an exciting panel discussion titled 'The Faroese Invasion of Iceland.' The discussion will focus on the early 2000s, when Faroese bands like Týr, Clickhaze, Krit,… Read more »

10 Jul 2024
Júxn - a cultural hub

Welcome to the Júxn stage at G! Festival 2024, a vibrant hub of cultural exploration and expression. Previously known as Fjósið, this dynamic space has now expanded into three unique areas: the origin… Read more »

8 Jul 2024

  Join us for Croquis in Töting! Friday from 11.00-13.00 What is croquis? In short, it’s a drawing exercise where one creates multiple fast paced live sketches of a naked body. Our session in Tötin… Read more »

6 Jul 2024

The 600 square meter machine from Amager in Copenhagen is the largest patient-driven workshop in Scandinavia. Here, we - the so-called mentally ill and vulnerable patients - govern ourselves, help eac… Read more »

6 Jul 2024

 MORE THAN HUMAN   - A literature and art event at the G!Festival   The event will take place on Friday, July 19th at 2-5pm at Rønn's Studio.   Location: Úti í Bø 7, Syðrugøta.   The inspirati… Read more »

5 Jul 2024
Women in music

The music business faces a notable gender imbalance, with women significantly underrepresented, this is the case in festival bookings, airplay, and in executive roles and behind-the-scenes positions.… Read more »

5 Jul 2024
Techno Yoga

Techno Yoga is an addition to the G! festival, providing an opportunity for fun. It is a lively way to start the day with movement and music. As the name suggests, the inspiration comes from yoga, whe… Read more »

4 Jul 2024
Faroese chain dance

  The Faroese chain dance will be sung and danced on the G! Festival. Past years, the dance has been held in the barn, where many people have joined in and some watched. And this has worked extremely… Read more »

4 Jul 2024

Saturday 20. July 1-2 p.m. NEW ENERG!Y  This workshop is all about energy. It is about waking up and coming back to life, about building, moving and flowing with your natural energy of life. You wi… Read more »

4 Jul 2024
Sært tú meg?/Do you see me?

The documentary series by Kringvarp Føroya "sært tú meg?" (do you see me?) will be at the G! festival 2024. On Saturday at 5 pm (?) there will be a talk in Fjósið with the directors of the series, Ann… Read more »

4 Jul 2024
Festival Service

Annual Festival Service on Saturday, July 20 at 11 AM. The sermon will be given by Theodor Eli Dam Olsen. Josh Cana will be performing his own music, and the choir Silvitni will be singing. The servic… Read more »

4 Jul 2024
Tomorrow I Will Play with Daddy Again

  Earlier this year, the picture book Tomorrow I Will Play with Daddy Again was released. It is written by Helena Kannuberg and illustrated by Lena Nikolajsen. The book is a heartfelt and hopeful sto… Read more »

4 Jul 2024
G! x FIMFF / Teaches of Peaches and talk

      In collaboration with G!, FIMFF will be screening the brand new documentary Teaches of Peaches.   TEACHES OF PEACHES Director: Philipp Fussenegger, Judy Landkammer (co-director) 2024 I Ger… Read more »

4 Jul 2024

  Silvitni is a female choir founded in September 2020. Led by conductor Cinthia González Parada, Silvitni sings diverse and challenging choral music. The eleven singers have extensive experience as… Read more »

4 Jul 2024
Festival service

Annual Festivalservice on Saturday July 20 at 11 AM. The sermon will be held by Theodor Eli Dam Olsen, Josh Cana will be performing his own music and the choir Silvitni will be singing. The service wi… Read more »