10 Jul 2022

Silvitni is a women´s choir, established in September 2020. Silvitni sings beautiful and challenging choir music, skillfully conducted by Cinthia González Parada. The nine choir members all have ample… Read more »

9 Jul 2022

Do not fill your valuable brain space with worries on whether or not it is ok to eat bananas og whether you should eat eight or twelve almonds. You do not need to love your body, it just should not be… Read more »

9 Jul 2022

The past year the faroese stand-up comedy scene has changed completely as women have taken it over. Read more »

9 Jul 2022

Read more »

7 Jul 2022
Brother Troll

Once upon a time in the Faroe Islands, there lived three brothers. After the death of one brother, theother two struggle with their different ways of grieving, and generally just get on each other's n… Read more »

7 Jul 2022
FIMFF: Panel + documentary, Sirens

How do we get a more diverse music scene in the Faroe Islands? (The panel will be conducted in Faroese.) Read more »

7 Jul 2022

After more than a decade serving as one of Norway’s most popular gay club nights, Indieseksuell have had guests such as Hercules & Love Affair, Joe Goddard (Hot Chip), The Irrepressibles and Rangleklo… Read more »

4 Jul 2022
Vinyl mania

Downloads are all right. They sound fine and serve their purpose. But 78s and vinyl they are not. Having digital footage and photos of your family is essential, but it hardly compares to living togeth… Read more »

3 Jul 2022

Let DJ Bjørn Hentze Bech take you on at twisted dancing adventure Read more »

3 Jul 2022
Create your own utopia

Close your eyes and bring your imagination twenty years into the future. Imagine that we have solved all the current problems of the world. What does this perfect society look like? What happened on t… Read more »

3 Jul 2022
Festival service

Annual Festivalservice on Saturday July 16 at 11 AM. The sermon will be held by Steintóra Gleðisheygg Joensen. The choir Silvitni will be singing. Read more »

3 Jul 2022
A Taste of Whale

Every year, 700 pilot whales are slaughtered on the Faroe Islands despite the protests of animal rights activists. Read more »

3 Jul 2022
Dance like nobody´s wathching

Vivian Sjóðklett has been teaching the 5 rhythm dance since 2011 and on Gfestival it is possible to try to dance the 5 rhythms. Along Vivian brings and Bao from Italy and faroese Bjørk. Together they… Read more »

3 Jul 2022
Faroese chain dance

Saturday evening 7/16 from 10.00 pm – 11.25 pm will Faroese chain dance be in Fjósið.   Come and join us for a cheerful moment with Faroese chain dance in Fjósið. Short ballads will be sung. Everyon… Read more »

3 Jul 2022
Drawing and bookmaking workshop

Draw and zone out in small bookmaking workshop A moment on G! for drawing and making miniature books that will fit in your pocket with the guidance of illustrator Lena Nicolajsen. There will be tabl… Read more »