1 Dec 2017
Rag´n´Bone Man G! 2018

It is our huge pleasure to announce Rag'n'Bone Man for G! 2018. It has truly been the year of Rag’n’Bone Man. His album ‘Human’ becoming the decade's fastest-selling debut album, and in the Top 10 for… Read more »

27 Nov 2017
G! Festival Ticket - The Christmas Gift

Treat your favourite to a G! Festival ticket. You can choose between day or weekend passes. Subject to availability day passes can be upgraded to a week-end tickets closer to the event. The tickets… Read more »

27 Oct 2017
Early Bird Tickets Launched

Very Limited Availability of the first ticket release Read more »

28 Sep 2017
G! Festival & by:Larm (Norway)

Norwegian music festival by:Larm visited Syðrugøta this summer to attend the 16th edition of G! Festival Read more »

15 Jul 2017
Kris Kristofferson donates his fee to the Faroese Children's Home

Kris Kristofferson just announced that he will not be taking any of the money for tonight's concert. Read more »

14 Jul 2017
Thursday at G!: The Biggest Ever

The organizers are happy to announce that Thursday was G! Festival's biggest ever! Read more »

14 Jul 2017
MØ Loved Our Beach Stage!

MØ played an amazing set on the Beach stage last night, whipping the G! Festival crowd into a frenzy.  Read more »

13 Jul 2017
G! Has Begun

The Faroese National Music Holiday has begun! The scent of woodsmoke wafts from the hot pots, people are meeting and chatting all around, and Konni Kass is playing on the beach. It's G! 2017. Read more »

13 Jul 2017
RVKDTR: It’s provocative to be yourself

Two are pregnant, one is on maternity leave, one works in a sex shop abroad, and one is an assistant at a nursing home. Together with ten other women they’re part of the freshest rap ensemble in Icela… Read more »

13 Jul 2017
Bilderbuch meet the locals <3

Austrian Super-Hommes find love in the mountains Read more »

13 Jul 2017
ORKA -- Friday Night at G!

If you want to experience some of the freshest Faroese music out there, come to the beach Friday night at 1:20, when ORKA takes the stage. We talked to ORKA's Jens L. Thomsen about what to expect. Read more »

11 Jul 2017
On birds of passage and poetry and aeroplanes - and about that first iPod

Saturday Teitur perfoms his 2003 debut album Poetry & Aeroplanes at G! Festival. Read a fan’s memories and reflections about how life has happened with the album playing in the background. Read more »

11 Jul 2017
Bus from Gøta to Tórshavn Sunday morning

A special bus will head to Tórshavn at the close of the festival. Read more »

11 Jul 2017
Taxis at G!

Taxis will be waiting at the entrance to the festival village, and can also be ordered by phone or app. Read more »

7 Jul 2017
Hoyma at Eivør's @ G! 2017

Eivør makes a special appearance at G! Festival this year, under the inspired Hoyma series of concerts. G! Festival and Hoyma offer Festival goers the opportunity to watch Eivor play the most intimate… Read more »

6 Jul 2017
The Stars Descend upon the Islands for Music and Adventure

Condé Nast Names G! in "50 things to do in Europe before you die" Read more »

27 Jun 2017
The Times "Five of the best festivals in Europe"

This week The Times named G! Festival amongst 5 best Festivals in Europe.  "From indie music in the Faroe Islands to rock’n’roll in Sicily, here are five of the best festivals in Europe" Read more h… Read more »

19 Apr 2017
CNN Best Summer Festival 2017

CNN include G! Festival in their list of 16 of the best Summer Festivals for 2017 Read more »

12 Apr 2017
National Geographic "Best Wilderness Festivals"

G! Festival was delighted to be named in National Geographics 5 best Wilderness Festivals for 2017 Read more »

10 Feb 2017
G! Festival 2017 Lift Off!

G! Festival launches the first part of the 2017 programme, featuring some of the best music from the Faroe Islands, Denmark, Iceland and further Germany, Italy and Niger. Each year G! Festival handpi… Read more »