Guðrið Hansdóttir

Way out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, between Iceland and Scotland, is a cluster of 18 small islands called the Faroe Islands. That's where Gudrid Hansdóttir was born and raised. Her music is a Lilith Fair-worthy blend of chamber pop and perky folk-rock and in the past years, she´s been performing in Europe and the USA. 
Gudrid started singing at an early age and shared a high interest in Music. She loved going through her father's vinyl records and she discovered great artists like Kate Bush, Dolly Parton, Jethro Tull and Jimi Hendrix. Her father was a highly skilled guitar player on the Faroes and on Gudrid´s 14-year-old birthday he taught her a couple of guitar chords and she started writing songs of her own and the rest is history.

Gudrid has released 6 solo albums and is also a member of the popular electro pop duo BYRTA. Five years on from her last solo record, she has returned with a powerful, personal and emotional album titled “Gult myrkur” (Yellow Darkness). Gudrid has been performing and recording her own music since the millennium and has never shied away from beating her own path. On her new album, she opens up an eerie universe of soundscapes illuminated by her warm, charismatic vocals, and by soft acoustics and light electronic rhythms. Gudrid´s passion for poetry led her to the doorstep of Lív María Róadóttir Jæger, a Faroese poet who happily agreed to collaborate on the album “Gult myrkur” which was released on the 22nd of April.

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