We are delighted to announce Teitur will return to G! Festival 2022. Teitur is a Faroese musician, composer, singer-songwriter and producer and a winner of multiple Danish Music Awards and has toured globally since his debut release, Poetry & Aeroplanes, in 2003.

This year Teitur has been touring and playing songs from his new album 'Cazador de Ostras' which has become a bit of a unique global project that crosses borders and continents. Mixing songs in both Faroese and English was an idea that came when Teitur went to Argentina to record the record in late 2019. Teitur's love for Argentina started in 2016 when he was down there on a South American tour. Here he visited a studio in Buenos Aires, which he fell in love with, and planned to come back to and record an album.

He has done so - with a bunch of Argentina's finest musicians, where they recorded the entire album live using i.a. bandoneon, harp, sitar, charango, strings and percussion. In addition, he has enlisted the help of his old collaborator Jeff Cohen, Pam Sheyne, as well as debut partner and Gin Blossoms member Jesse Valenzuela.

Teitur is the sound of melting ice, haunted woods, and beautiful honesty” KT Tunstall

“Music like this is jet fuel on the fire of a broken heart.” John Mayer “

…Never less than extraordinary” ***** The Guardian

“..Sublimely gifted, Teitur brings the beauty and the blues that recall Guillemots, Josh Rouse and a heart pummeling Sufjan Stevens..” NME “…

Confessions is brilliantly witty, strangely compelling and, at times, subtly affecting…Gramaphone

Keyp atgongumerki

200 (FO)

Annika Hoydal (FO)

Antti Paalanen (FI)

Axel Flóvent (IS)

Árstíðir (IS)

Beharie (NO)

Benjamin Rajani (FO)

Björn Hentze Bech (FO)

Bríet (IS)


Byrta (FO)

Dania O. Tausen (FO)

Eivør (FO)


Gabriel Gold (USA/IS)

Hialösa (SE)

Honningbarna (NO)

Høgni (FO)

Irene (FI)

Jazzygold (FO)

Kenton Slash Demon (DK)



Lambrini Girls (UK)

Lucky Lo (SE/DK)

Marius DC (FO)

Marius Ziska (FO)

Nagirčalmmiid (NO)

Noise (FO/SCO)

Quinquis (FR)



Saint Levant(PS/Fr)

Sakaris (FO)

Silvitni (FO/DE/CL)

Sons of the East(AU)

Soolking (DZ)

Spælimenn (FO)

Sturle Dagsland (NO)

Supervisjón (FO)

Tamara (FO)

Vágaverk (FO)

When Saints Go Machine (DK)

Yann Tiersen(FR)