Telemama is a new Indie Rock band hailing from Tórshavn. The band is made up of four young men who have been influenced by the trending Indie/Alternative Rock movement in which they are now participating themselves with a mixture of modern Indie Rock and Bedroom Pop.

Telemama took part in the annual music competition Sement this year with three of their songs and instantly got hooked on the idea of making and performing music. Now they are performing at this year’s G! festival where they are looking forward to unveiling more of their songs, that they are currently recording for an up and coming EP.
The songs revolve around being young in the Faroe Islands. The texts delve into subjects of love, lust, having fun, and nights out in the capital. They also touch on more serious subjects, such as depression, identity crisis and existentialism which also play their roles in the lives of the Faroese youth. The bittersweet words float on nostalgic guitar melodies while the chords bear influences of jazz and summery Funk-Rock which make the listener want to get up and dance.

Keyp atgongumerki