20-year-old BEINIR grew up in Saltangará on the Faroe Islands, a quiet town that holds a beautiful nature and peace with its only 1000 inhabitants. Here, BEINIR has shaped his own musical identity since he at the age of 7 grabbed the guitar and disappeared into music. This year BEINIR has released his debut EP ’World Out There’.

BEINIR explains:

“The music is based on my search for meaning in existence and trying to figure out where to stand in life. I believe that every song has a different point of view on this subject. Musically I think it’s packed with energy, fluctuating rhythms and ambience.”

BEINIR’s songs are filled with energy, groovy rhythms and attractive but sarcastic lyrics about personal stories. The songs hold a depth, which describes the feeling of being young and lost in the search for one’s own existence. 

Keyp atgongumerki