Like its eponym ‘hamferð’, a Faroese word without direct English translation meaning to witness the journey of a skin devoid of its soul, Faroese doom-metal band Hamferð has since its establishment in 2008 been the unique weaver of Faroese mythology, murk and mourning into dark and plangent metal.

Performing exclusively in their native Faroese, Hamferð derives their lyrics from the earnest poetic tradition of the Faroe Islands that has consistently embraced doom and death as natural companions to life. Setting their tunes to a spectrum ranging from original ominous narratives to traditional funeral hymns, Hamferð’s sound is as appropriate in a church as in a mosh pit, confronting the audience with the inevitable consequences of the lives lived where your surroundings decide whether to provide for you or destroy you depending on its mood.


Keyp atgongumerki