Brothers Moving (DK)

It is our huge pleasure to welcome back The Brothers Moving to G! 2018. The Danish brothers remarkable story saw them spinning around the world countless millions of times as viral sensations after Lad Bible shared vides of their infections globe trotting street performances, capturing audiences from Moscow to New York with their powerful four part harmonies and simple but moving arrangements. The musical formula proved a hit, and their presence at G! 2017 was so warmly felt, and the performance so soul rousing, that we open our arms to them again in 2018. This year bringing with them their younger sister to perform as well! The depth to this musical clan is remarkable, and we are very happy to share the Faroe Islands with even more of this wonderful family after their mother spent many years living in the 1970s. We love the history, we love the story and we love their music! 

Keyp atgongumerki

Rag'n'Bone Man (UK)


Benjamin Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie)

Harlem Gospel Choir (US)

Ba Cissoko (GN)

Brothers Moving (DK)

Eivør (FO)

Teitur (FO)

Marius Ziska (FO)

Scarlet Pleasure (DK)


Nelson Can (DK)

Iris Gold (DK)

Hamferð (FO)


Son of Fortune (FO)

Swangah (FO)

Silvurdrongur (FO)

Lyon (FO)

Lea Kampmann (FO)

Elinborg (FO)


Jasmin (FO)