It is with great pleasure we invite back to G! Silvurdrongur, or “silver boy”. The Faroese hip hop project led by Trygvi Danielsen, and producer Per I. In Trygvi’s own words, the music can best be described as “wordsong”. He says: “Language is musical in essence, and words can be songs on their own - without vocal flamboyance or instrumental accompaniment.” Call it hip hop, trip hop, spoken word - or a different category altogether. The music is a commentary on the human condition, human connection, while at the same time focusing in on language itself: “playing with words, rearranging, reinventing, reinvigorating, re-examining the language and (it’s uses)”. The songs travel from dark/gritty to bright/poppy and everything in between, always maintaining a sense of humour, weirdness, lyrical prowess and energy on stage.

Trygvi writes and performs in Faroese, saying: “Faroese is my language. It’s my tongue, my way of thinking…I have to write in the language that comes naturally. It makes no sense to me, to spit into the vast sea of English clichés”.

Keyp atgongumerki

Rag'n'Bone Man (UK)


Benjamin Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie)

Harlem Gospel Choir (US)

Ba Cissoko (GN)

Brothers Moving (DK)

Eivør (FO)

Teitur (FO)

Marius Ziska (FO)

Scarlet Pleasure (DK)


Nelson Can (DK)

Iris Gold (DK)

Hamferð (FO)


Son of Fortune (FO)

Swangah (FO)

Silvurdrongur (FO)

Lyon (FO)

Lea Kampmann (FO)

Elinborg (FO)


Jasmin (FO)