Alphaville (DE)

The sound pioneers of electronic pop. The nucleus of Alphaville formed by the end of the 70s at the Berlin University of the Arts, decided they would rather produce music than paintings or sculptures: “We were absolute beginners with no experience whatsoever. In line with the do-it-yourself spirit of punk, we looped drum sequences  taken from our records on a two-track machine.  We had to resort to that early form of sampling, before the term “sampling” even existed,” recalls Marian Gold, Lead Singer. They turned out to be resourceful dilettantes, releasing 3 international hits straight out of the blocks with “Big in Japan”, “Sounds Like A Melody” and “Forever Young” which brought them all the status of a studio band with the greatest possible artistic freedom.

Forever Young is still a recurring theme in Pop culture today with Jay Z recently covering Forever Young. And hits like ‘Big in Japan’ influencing electronic Pop bands still to this day. 

Keyp atgongumerki

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