28 Mar 2022
Five artists added to the lineup

'No one sounds like Priya Ragu', with her unique, genre-blurring raguwavy sound and a voice that blends eloquence, majesty and attitude in equal measure. Her boundary-pushing take on R&B and electro-p… Read more »

25 Feb 2022
Eight more artists added to the G! Festival line-up

We welcome back Ásgeir from Iceland, who first visited us at G! Festival in 2013. Ásgeir is one of the best selling musicians in the history of Icelandic music, surpassing giants such as Björk and Sig… Read more »

4 Feb 2022
G! Festival announce ten artists on the 2022 lineup.

Country and familiar faces Read more »

30 Jun 2021
Boy Pablo cancels

Faroese bands more prominent this year Read more »

19 Feb 2021
New artists added to the 2021 Line Up

We are optimistic about the festival this summer, that’s why we think it’s appropriate to announce some new music so you have something to look forward to.  We are delighted to add Asaf Avidan, Konni… Read more »

21 Dec 2020
First wave of artists for G! Festival 2021

We are happy to announce the first wave of artists for G! Festival 2021 - 20th anniversary! José González(SE), Tessa(DK), Eivør(FO), Busy P(FR), MYD(FR), Brimheim(FO), Auður(IS), Silvurdrongur(FO), G… Read more »

12 Jul 2019
Eivør on the Beach Tonight!

Last year Eivør played on the playground, but this year she takes the beach stage for a concert that's sure to be unforgettable! Read more »

12 Jul 2019
Thursday Night at G! Festival

The first night of the 2019 G! Festival was misty, cool, and filled with Faroese summer magic. Read more »

11 Jul 2019
All-Star Concert on the Beach Tonight

We're starting this G! Festival off with something very special—some of the most famous Faroese artists, all on stage at the same time! Read more »

6 Jul 2019
Opening Concert

Opening the Beach stage in 2019 we have a very special concert, featuring some of our dearest artists, who will come together to celebrate each others music, and the beginning of the 18th annual G! Fe… Read more »

14 Jul 2018
Singalongs and Faroese Stars Tonight

The very Faroese weather threw the schedule around a little bit yesterday, but we still had a good time. And tonight, everything is lining up to be perfect. Here's what's happening. Read more »

7 Jul 2017
Hoyma at Eivør's @ G! 2017

Eivør makes a special appearance at G! Festival this year, under the inspired Hoyma series of concerts. G! Festival and Hoyma offer Festival goers the opportunity to watch Eivor play the most intimate… Read more »

16 Jul 2016
The Outstanding Eivør on her Home Field

At 22:20 tonight, one of our best and most internationally recognized Faroese artists will return to her home village for G! Read more »

15 Jul 2016
Announcement: Schedule Changes!

Due to heavy rain, which is still falling, the schedule this evening will change in several ways. Read more »

15 Jul 2016
Even Better Tonight

Yesterday was great -- today could be even better! Read more »