8 Jul 2024



Join us for Croquis in Töting!

Friday from 11.00-13.00

What is croquis? In short, it’s a drawing exercise where one creates multiple fast paced live sketches of a naked body. Our session in Töting will be experimental, fresh, and process oriented.

Saga Kapna (artist and art historian) will guide you through different drawing techniques, so we can play with expressions and ways of forming the human body onto paper. Durita Dahl Andreassen (actress) will be the croquis model.

You are welcome to join, both if you work professionally with art, but also if you are a master of stick figures.

All drawing equipment is there, and we will draw two times 30 minutes, with a pause in the middle.

Limited spaces in the room - be on time!

19 Jul 2024
  Satisfy your taste buds

The infamous ROKK BBQ team, Sólfinn Danielsen, Jákup Sumberg, and Benjamin Petersen, offer something as exciting as natural wine and seafood, on Friday from 17:00-20:00 at Rönn. Read more »

19 Jul 2024
Friday at G!

Another Day of Music and Good Vibes Awaits! Read more »

19 Jul 2024
The Hike from Leirvík to Göta Over the Mountain will be at 12 PM

  The hike will now start at 12 PM from Leirvík, not at 2 PM as previously announced. Register at paulajespersen@gmail.com or by phone at 229098 - limited availability. Meeting point: Á Bakka 8, Lei… Read more »

18 Jul 2024
G! Festival starts today

Thursday, July 18, 2024, Syðrugöta Read more »

15 Jul 2024
The Faroese Invasion of Iceland: Panel Discussion at the G! Festival

This year's G! Festival will feature an exciting panel discussion titled 'The Faroese Invasion of Iceland.' The discussion will focus on the early 2000s, when Faroese bands like Týr, Clickhaze, Krit,… Read more »

10 Jul 2024
Júxn - a cultural hub

Welcome to the Júxn stage at G! Festival 2024, a vibrant hub of cultural exploration and expression. Previously known as Fjósið, this dynamic space has now expanded into three unique areas: the origin… Read more »