7 May 2024

Teitur performs at G!

Come and experience Teitur perform Poetry & Aeroplanes at G! 2024

Some twenty years ago, a young man from Tórshavn achieved something no one else from The Faroe Islands had done before him. Teitur secured a record deal with the major label Universal in USA. 

The album that resulted from this was Poetry & Aeroplanes. A true masterpiece, which is still admired today by every living singer/songwriter. 

And at G! 2024, we will get to experience the whole album live. All the songs from start to finish. 

Teitur will come with his band, and no expense will be spared; string players will also join the performance. 

Come and experience Teitur perform Poetry & Aeroplanes at G! 2024

It's already official that Of Monsters and Men (IS), Highasakite (NO), Eivør (FO), The Longest Johns (UK), Alice Boman (SE), Aggrasoppar (FO), Hamferð (FO), Alias Morera (FO/DK), Specktors (DK), Dania O. Tausen(FO), Einangran (FO), Knút (FO), Elinborg (FO), Konsørn (FO), Aiming for Enrike (NO), Ash Olsen (NO) Jógvan (FO) Agat (IL) Nelly Moar (NO) Sound of the Damned (GL) Das Body (NO) JJ Paulo (DK/TZ) GRÓA (IS) and Swangah (FO) will play at G! 2024, follow us on social media as we announce a new act every Tuesday morning at 9 AM

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