4 Mar 2024

Accomodation goes on sale

You can now book your accomodation for G! if you haven’t already done so.

The tickets for accommodation that G! offers will be available to buy on our website.

You can book your campsite pass, a space for your camper and accomodation at the school.

The options for booking accomodation at the schools are to 1) book a classroom accomodating 8 people or 2) cabins (conferencewalls set up at the school sportshall) accomodating 4 people. Madresses are in the cabins, but you need to bring your own sleeping bag.

Go to our shop to book your accomodation.

16 Apr 2024
JJ Paulo performs at G!

Come join the party at G! with JJ Paulo! Read more »

9 Apr 2024
Plúmm joins the line-up!

If you say Plúmm on the Faroe Islands, everyone will know that you are talking about some of the Faroes’ greatest instrumentalists ever. Read more »

2 Apr 2024
Das Body joins the line-up!

Punk disco from Oslo. Read more »

26 Mar 2024
Greenlandic death metal at G!

We are getting ready to raise our devil horns! Read more »

19 Mar 2024
Nelly Moar performs at G!

Lit R&B at G! Read more »

12 Mar 2024
G! Festival announcing Agat - Rocking punk rap

Come and get carried away as Agat takes over! Read more »