4 Jul 2023

The final acts announced

Today we unveil thefinal names on the concert schedule of the G! Festival. La Fleur, Elinborg, Spælimenn (Folk Musicians), Kenton Slash Demon, Playmo, Björn Hentze Bech, HZD, AWL, and Vomit Nation conclude one of the most diverse and exciting lineups we have ever had.

Now that we have expanded access to more countries with Atlantic Airways, it can be seen again in the schedule that there is a bit more Eastern flavor than usual.

The main names include Algerian rapper and singer Soolking, and R&B and hip-hop artist Saint Levant, who has Palestinian, French, Algerian, and Serbian origins.

There is also a group of exciting acts from the Faroe Islands and neighboring countries. Today we announce six Faroese, one Scottish, one Danish and one Swedish act.

A you woman  born and raised in the small town of Göta in the Faroe Islands. From a young age, music and songwriting became her biggest passion. Deeply influenced by the nature and surroundings of where she grew up, she describes her music as “dark electro pop.” In 2016 ELINBORG won ‘best live act of the year’ at the Faroese Music Awards. In May 2018 the young Faroese artist released her single ‘’Brimið’’, which was recently featured in the Norwegian Netflix TV Series ‘’RAGNAROK.’’ In 2022 ELINBORG released her third EP called ‘VERA’, which translates from Faroese as ‘being’. The EP includes five songs, all written by ELINBORG in her native language. Produced by herself and Eivör, the songs were co- produced by Tróndur Bogason, Hallur Jonson and Norwegian producer, drummer and member of Highasakite, Trond Bersu - The EP ’’Vera’’ was nominated in the ‘’Best lyrics’’ category, at the Faroese Music Awards 2022. 

ELINBORG just released her newest single called ‘’Í Verju Tíni’’ which translates to ‘’Under Your Protection’’ - Written by herself, and produced by Greta Svabo Bech and Fred Ruddick. With her melancholic and crystal-clear voice floating through soundscapes of dark synths and electronic beats, ELINBORG draws us into her emotional world, singing about unattainable love and deep longing. 


Acclaimed Swedish breakout talent La Fleur is set to deliver an unforgettable performance at the G! Festival in Syðrugöta. Known for her elegant take on house and techno, La Fleur has captivated audiences with her remarkable musical prowess.

From her collaboration with Sasha on 'Förbindelse' to her stunning releases on Kompakt's Speicher series and the relaunch of her Power Plant label, La Fleur's talent continues to shine. Her DJ skills have taken her to top festivals like Creamfields, Calvi on the Rocks, and Life Festival, while her sets at esteemed clubs like Printworks London and Watergate Berlin have left a lasting impression.

La Fleur's creative output extends beyond her label, with notable releases on Truesoul, Last Night On Earth, and Watergate Records. Her remixes for Sasha, Kerri Chandler, and Damian Lazarus & Ancient Moons have further solidified her reputation.

Born in Sweden, La Fleur's artistic journey began with a deep connection to her environment. Rejecting a career in pharmacy, she founded Power Plant and explored various creative pursuits, including fashion collaborations and curating art exhibitions.

Prepare for an enchanting performance as La Fleur takes the stage at G! Festival. Her elegant brand of house and techno continues to resonate with dance music lovers worldwide, solidifying her position as a leading figure in contemporary electronic music.


Whilst Kenton Slash Demon’s discography has been relatively scant in the recent past, the quality of their production has always shone brightly, a kaleidoscope of moods and styles underpinned by distinctive organic and futuristic sounds. 

Kenton Slash Demon are one of the most promising new talents out of Denmark. The two guys have gained great attention, without releasing a lot of material. Their sound is both organic and futuristic, and their obvious skills take their productions further than the typical frame and dramaturgy of a club track. Kenton Slash Demon want to measure soundtracks for the clubs as well as music that you could listen to on your home stereo.

Silas Moldenhawer and Jonas Kenton, both childs of the early 80´s, grew up alongside each other in the tiny big city of Copenhagen. In their teenage years they discovered their fellow passion for electronic music, started spinning records and producing tracks. Years later they met two other talented musicians and formed well-establish Danish indie-electro outfit When Saints Go Machine, but still kept on building Kenton Slash Demon as a separate project.



Folk an fiddlemusic has always been a part of G! At the very first G! Festival, Spælimenninir performed, and ever since then, this joyful and lively music from the fiddle musicians has echoed at G! year after year, just like it will this year when Spælimenn play on the beach during the food hour on Saturday. This year Spælimenn will have 20 members in the band. 

You can dance barefooted on the beach if you like.

Dávur Poulsen, also known as Playmo, has released on recognized record labels such as Paralelo, Planet Rhythm, T Sessions, MindTrip, CMND CTRL, Statics, [R]3volution Records, and Modern Minimal.

His music has been played by Richie Hawtin, Rödhåd, Justine Perry, Kangding Ray, Kaiser, and other DJs. Despite being from the Faroe Islands, Playmo's music has international appeal and reach.

Playmo's music style is heavy and pumping, with influences from Detroit and Berlin.


Björn Hentze Bech is essentially an old soul in a young body, or maybe a young man with an old taste. As the host of the radio show Afturljóð, the young lad became a DJ star in the Faroe Islands.

His young age, significant influence, and passion for both old Faroese and foreign music, primarily from the 1950s and 1960s, captured listeners from day one.

He has now come to age but can still be heard with his fantastic broadcasts. Therefore, you should not expect the latest hits when he DJs at Fjósinum.


"Noise music" focuses on the sounds or voices that you normally try to escape. Since these sounds or voices rarely get the opportunity to be heard, it is often very loud when they are finally allowed to express themselves.

AWL, hzd and Vomit Nation are the performers.

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