8 May 2023

Algerian rapper Soolking joins the line up

Soolking is a French Algerian singer and rapper who began his career in 2013.

Soolking represents a special blend of modern pop hip hop mixed with the characteristic singingstyle and melancholic melodies of the Northern African rai-music with a drizzle of autotune.

His career has included many great hits like
“Gueriilla”,”Zemer” and ” Melejim” with over 257 millions views.

His forecoming album « Sans Visa » will be releaseD on May

16 Apr 2024
JJ Paulo performs at G!

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9 Apr 2024
Plúmm joins the line-up!

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2 Apr 2024
Das Body joins the line-up!

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26 Mar 2024
Greenlandic death metal at G!

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19 Mar 2024
Nelly Moar performs at G!

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12 Mar 2024
G! Festival announcing Agat - Rocking punk rap

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