26 apr 2023

Jazzygold, first time on home ground

Jazzygold is finally playin her debut concert on the Faroe Islands and it’s gonna happen on this years G! Festival.

Jazzygold is the brand new artist project from Jasmin Mote who is ready to take over the world.

The project has been in the works for the past two years and jazzy is finally ready to release her new bangers under her new identity and share her visuals with the rest of the world.

Too much partying, too many hangovers, too many heartaches, panic dying your hair red, being tired of your friends and hoping for new beginnings. Dive into the complex life of a 20-something year old living her best life. She’s honest and real and it definitely shows in her voice, lyrics, music and visuals. If there was a cocktail called jazzygold, the recipe would probably be something like this:

- RnB-soulpopy vibes
- Immaculate visuals
- A lot of bling jewelry
- Honesty  
- and of course hella catchy melodies

21 mai 2024
Enekk, Spælimenn, Playmo og disko í tí stilla

G! kunngerð nu fleiri növn hvönn týsdag. Hesuferð er talan um 4 növn, sum fevna um fólka-, heims- og teknotónleik, umframt eitt ljóðleyst stökk-upp diskotek Les meira »

14 mai 2024
Ragnar Finsson á G!

Sement x G! Festival = Ragnar Finsson Les meira »

14 mai 2024
Personal Trainer á G!

Kom og íðka á G! við tínum Personal Trainer! Les meira »

7 mai 2024
Jamie Grey úr Onglandi framförir á G!

Á G! dámar okkum sera væl at fanga stjörnur í föðingini. Jamie Grey úr Onglandi er ein slík! Les meira »

7 mai 2024
Teitur framförir á G!

Komið og upplivið Teit framföra Poetry & Aeroplanes á G! 2024 Les meira »

30 apr 2024
Hetta fer út til allar Föroyar: Swangah spælir á G!

Teir hava áður fingið G! í kók, men í ár verður tað uppá spruttkók Les meira »