8 Mar 2023

Marius DC brings Hip Hop to the G! Festival

19 year old rapper Marius DC is one of the most exciting new names in Faroese music. Lyrically proficient in Faroese, English and Danish, the self-produced, self taught MC seems to be growing exponentially with every release, garnering countless accolades in the Faroes, international festival bookings and a co-sign from Danish superstar Tobias Rahim. 

3 years in, it doesn't seem like there!s any ceiling for Marius DC. The end of 2022 saw the release of his first bi lingual double single Flex/Fleks, and later on Faroese banger Slættaratindur. Kicking of at busy period, with singles every second month form here to summer. 

The performances at Iceland Airwaves 2022 by Marius DC and his young energetic band was a blast, grabbing headlines in the official review by Reykjavík Grapevine, and mentions and reviews in media such as The Rolling Stone UK, Dork, Brooklyn Vegan, Paste Magazine, The Line of Best Fit and MowNo. 

"Marius DC did not disappoint. Bounding all over the stage with unbelievable energy (...) Holy 

shit, I don!t think I!ve had so much fun at a gig in a long time. (...)he is undeniably an incredible 

entertainer and performer, the like of which I rarely come across (...) And what!s more: his band was great. Like, really, really, genuinely good, despite also all being babies. This is the one thing that might give Marius the edge long term. So many young hiphop artists struggle to find a quality 

backing sound, and he!s got that sorted. Watch this space, and say some Hail Marys while you!re at it."

The Reykjavík Grapevine 

"Faroese rap – that most common of exports – is gunning for the big time. It comes in the form of Marius DC, an energetic eighteen-year-old who is hellbent on proving that his sound transcends the confines of his home island. His impressive stage presence sees him jumping into the crowd to whip up an early evening crowd" 

Rolling Stone UK. 

19 Jul 2024
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19 Jul 2024
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18 Jul 2024
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15 Jul 2024
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