20 Jun 2022

Volunteer at G!

The foundation of any festival is work – lots of work and lots of hands. Your hands are welcome!
Volunteering at G! is fun, educational and worthwhile. We are in need of volunteers for a variety of different tasks. You don’t need to have any special experience, only to be excited to help create positive experiences for your teammates as well as, of course, for the festival guests.
In order to volunteer at G! Festival, you must be at least 18 years old. However, some tasks may be available for those at least 15 years old. As a G! Festival volunteer you will get free admission to the whole festival. In addition, you will get admission to a special employee area, and you have the opportunity to take part in the after party, which will be for volunteers. If you work during the days leading up to the festival, the time requirement is 16 hours. During the festival, the requirement is 12 hours.
What are you good at, and what do you like to do? We need people who like to clean, cook, and make people feel at home. We also need volunteers for guard duty, creative work and more. Hopefully we’ll find something just right for you.

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20 Jun 2022
SIC are playing at G! 2022

Grundin will be transformed into a metal stage when G! Festival opens on Thursday the 14th of July. Where bands such as LLNN, Katla, Iotunn, and now confirmed Faroese thrash, heavy metal band SIC will… Read more »

22 Apr 2022
10 Artists added to the lineup

The summer is fast approaching, the first lambs have arrived, the grass is slowly becoming greener and the nights are getting brighter. That means that preparations for this year's G! Festival are goi… Read more »

30 Mar 2022
G! Festival collaboration with The Great Escape Festival

4 Faroese artists to play at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. Read more »

28 Mar 2022
Five artists added to the lineup

'No one sounds like Priya Ragu', with her unique, genre-blurring raguwavy sound and a voice that blends eloquence, majesty and attitude in equal measure. Her boundary-pushing take on R&B and electro-p… Read more »

25 Feb 2022
Eight more artists added to the G! Festival line-up

We welcome back Ásgeir from Iceland, who first visited us at G! Festival in 2013. Ásgeir is one of the best selling musicians in the history of Icelandic music, surpassing giants such as Björk and Sig… Read more »

4 Feb 2022
G! Festival announce ten artists on the 2022 lineup.

Country and familiar faces Read more »