25 Feb 2022

Eight more artists added to the G! Festival line-up

We welcome back Ásgeir from Iceland, who first visited us at G! Festival in 2013. Ásgeir is one of the best selling musicians in the history of Icelandic music, surpassing giants such as Björk and Sigur Rós in his home territory. The winner of four titles at the 2013 Icelandic Music Awards (Best Pop / Rock Album, Best Newcomer, Public Choice Award and Icelandic Music Award), it is estimated that "In The Silence", his debut album, has been purchased by a tenth of the entire Icelandic population!

Eurovision sensation Daði Freyr was the breakout star at the Eurovision 2020 contest with the song “Think About Things”, which was a global, celebrity-backed smash hit streamed more than 100 million times worldwide, reaching almost 1 billion people via international radio airwaves as it climbed to #1 global Shazam Discovery chart, and was certified silver in Britain, despite 2020’s contest being cancelled. We are so excited to invite Daði Freyr and his band Gagnamagnið to the Faroe Islands this summer. 

Jillionaire is a former member of the supergroup Major Lazer, and has been playing in front of thousands of people for years! We are all familiar with some of the bangers Major Lazer has produced over the years; “Lean On” with Mø, “Cold Water” featuring Justin Bieber, “Already” with Beyonce and “Watch Out For This” with Daddy Yankee. Major Lazer changed the sound of mainstream music and Jillionaire was a big part of that. He left the group in 2019 to focus on his own label and solo career. We highly recommend you go check out Major Lazer's live videos, so you know what to expect from the talented Jillionaire from Trinidad & Tobago. 

Faroese singer-songwriter Marius Ziska will also be joining the line-up. There are not many Faroese artists that have been played more on the radio than Marius Ziska. He has the knack of producing catchy songs with a distinct Scandinavian melancholic vibe. 

Faroese/American lofi queen, Marianna Winter is one of a few female artists pioneering a new subcultural sound: Faroese underground lofi. Born and raised in Tórshavn and sunny California, Marianna challenges the Faroe Island's musical and cultural status quo, adding LA heat to a distinctive nordic sound and offering a unique perspective into both cultures.

The progressive Danish metal band IOTUNN, with Faroese Jón Aldará on vocals, have been taking the progressive metal scene by storm recently! After raving reviews of their debut album “Access All Worlds”, we are excited to confirm that IOTUNN will play on the new metal stage at G! Festival. 

The Italo disco prince of Norway Skatebård is back on the lineup and joined by fellow Norwegians Giddygang & Vuyo. 

Our exciting and eclectic lineup so far includes José González, Ásgeir, Eivør, Tessa, Daði Freyr, The Jillionaire, Carlene Carter, Marius Ziska, Joe & The Shitboys, Le Fleur, Skatebård, Lea Kampmann, Marianna Winter, Gaye Su Akyol, Iotunn, Katla, Horrse and Giddygang & Vuyo with many more to be announced! 

Tickets are on sale on our website. If you buy before the 1st of March you will save 500 DKK compared to the price at the entry. 

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