4 Feb 2022

G! Festival announce ten artists on the 2022 lineup.

Country and familiar faces

G! Festival are delighted to announce the first 10 artists on the 2022 Line-up. 

Carlene Carter has been releasing music for more than four decades. The daughter of June Carter Cash and country star Carl Smith, and stepdaughter of Johnny Cash, she is the physical embodiment of the Carter Family. The Grammy-nominated country singer played at the country festival in 2018 where she promised that one day she would be back in the Faroe Islands and we are honoured to have her join our line-up for 2022. 

Swedish singer-songwriter José González, was on the 2021 lineup, so it’s a familiar and welcome face on the 2022 lineup. José González is one of our favourite singer-songwriters of all time. Late last year his highly anticipated new album “Local Valley” arrived, where José for the first time utilises all three languages he speaks, allowing for greater depth and connection to his lineage. José will perform a solo show on the beach. 

We are also very excited to again add the compelling Danish rap artist Tessa to this year’s line-up!
Tessa is quickly becoming one of the most important female urban artists in Denmark. With several singles released, millions of streams and also recently awarded the title “Best New Artist” at the Danish Music Awards, and Zulu Awards. 

Swedish DJ and producer La Fleur and Turkish Gaye Su Akyol will also join the 2022 lineup, from last year. 

And of course, they are joined by our very own Eivør “the queen of Syðrugøta”, shitpunks and Iggy Pops new favourite band Joe & The Shitboys, Folk/Americana singer HORRSE, dream pop artists Lea Kampmann, and the Danish Black Doom band Katla. 

We are excited to again welcome you to our festival in 2022, we have been working hard, and are very optimistic about 2022, and our 20th edition of the festival. If we had known in 2019, that it would be 3 years before we again could celebrate life, music, love and community, we would have danced and enjoyed the moments a little more than we did in 2019. 

We hope that you will help us make G! Festival 2022 extra special! The Early Bird tickets are on sale and you can save up to 700DKK compared to the price at the door. 

See you on the beach! 

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