28 feb 2020

Saving Grace feat. Robert Plant & Suzi Dian cancel

Today G! Festival must announce the cancelation of Saving Grace ft. Robert Plant & Suzi Dian. The band was scheduled to perform Saturday, July 18th, but have now pulled out, due to Robert Plant receiving negative publicity / pressure from environmental conservation organization Blue Planet Society concerning the Faroese pilot whale drive known as the “grind”.
Managing director at G! Festival, Sigvør Laksá, comments: “We’re disappointed and annoyed with the cancelation. We’ve been excited and happy with the massive interest and the positive reception to the announcement of Saving Grace, especially the Robert Plant fever that naturally comes with it”.
Sigvør Laksá also says that: “It seems somewhat unprofessional for these acts to pull out of a booking without any prior notice or attempt at constructive dialogue, which might have allowed us to address the artist’s concerns.It also appears contradictory when an artist is happy to play in countries like Norway and Iceland [which carry out commercial whaling], which Mr. Plant has done in the past, even in 2019”.
Sigvør Laksá concludes: “This is a severe blow for the festival, which forces us to rethink our approach in producing the G! Festival”.
For a ticket refund (applies to customers buying tickets after the announcement of Saving Grace), please write an email to info@gfestival.com within seven days.

12 mar 2021
Føroya Tele og G! hava longt sponsor sáttmála.

Føroya Tele og G! gjørdu í endanum av 2019 sáttmála um sponsorat til G! 2020. Festivalurin bleiv sum øllum kunnugt avlýstur. Nú hava Føroya Tele G! longt avtaluna við tveimum árum. Vit á G! Fesitvalin… Les meira »

19 feb 2021
Fleiri nøvn kunngjørd

Nú eru vit klár við fleiri nøvnum til G! 2021. Les meira »

21 des 2020
Fyrstu nøvnini klár til G! Festival 2021

Vit eru ógvuliga spent at avdúka 10 tey fyrstu nøvnini á G! Festivalinum 2021.  José González(SE), Tessa(DK), Eivør(FO), Busy P(FR), MYD(FR), Brimheim(FO), Auður(IS), Silvurdrongur(FO), Ghost Notes(F… Les meira »

19 des 2020
Keyp nú, rinda 1. mai

So er tíðin komin til at hyggja fram ímóti summarinum og G! Festivalinum í 2021, har vit vóna at sleppa at hátíðarhalda 20 ára føðingardagin saman við tykkum. Seinasta árið hevur haft nógvar avbjóðin… Les meira »

27 nov 2020
G! hátíðarheldur 20 ára føðingardagin í 2021

Tí hava vit funnið allar G! akutellar bólkar, sum hava, ella skuldi havt spælt á G! Festivalinum seinastu 20 árini á Spotify. Úrslitið er ein 17 tímar og 53 min. playlisti við 259 sangum.  Har er nóg… Les meira »

13 jul 2020
Endurrindan av atgongumerkjum

Øll G! 2020 atgongumerkir verða endurrindað. Tey, ið hava keypt atgongumerki á netinum, nýtast einki at gera. Tey, ið hava keypt eitt fysist atgongumerki, vera biðin um at senda tað her: G! Festiva… Les meira »