12 Jul 2018

Navia: G! Sweaters, T-Shirts, and More!

Looking for that perfect souvenir to encapsulate all your time in the Faroes as well as the special magic of G!? Look no further.

Faroese company Navia is offering this year's G! guests a whole line of special G! clothing.

Every year, a special, limited edition "G! Sweater" is released. This year's unique pattern became popular back in the 60's. Different sizes and colors are available, and each sweater is knitted from 100% Faroese wool. Faroese sweaters are both useful and beautiful, and can last for a lifetime. 


This year, special G! t-shirts and hats are also available. 

Navia has a big stall on the G! Festival grounds, so stop by and check out their selection. You just might find the perfect souvenir to take home!

Translated/Summarized/Written by Miranda Metheny

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