12 jul 2018

Dig out your dancing shoes for Grundin!

The coolest and wildest place to be Friday and Saturday nights will be Grundin, the home of late-night electronic dance music at G!

"There's a bit of a skating vibe this year," says Michael Johannesen, who is in charge of Grundin this year. Michael has recently moved home to the Faroes from Copenhagen, and manages the Útiliv outdoor store in Tórshavn. In Copenhagen he gained extensive experience as a DJ, working weekend after weekend in dark and wild venues. He's definitely the man to keep the party raging until the wee hours of the morning on Sunday. 

"Denmark has a great electronic music scene. There are people who are different and who are lookign for something different. In the Faroes we're still building things up from the ground -- or grundin - up," says Michael with a smile, explaining that it's hard to find the perfect venues for this style of music and event. But Grundin is just perfect--it has a special vibe and so many outstanding creative possibilities, if you really want to create a unique nightlife experience. 

This Year's Lineup

This year, he and Ólavur Thorsteinssyni are going to put on an unforgettable experience for Faroe Islanders and foreigners alike. They're putting up a new lighting system to match the style of music, which will be a mix of beats from the Islands and from abroad and be an experience for eyes, ears and body. 

Friday evening will start out more on the electronic side. Mariumessa á Vári will set the venue on fire with an electronic set, then Esther Urioste will take the hot stage at 2 am with her house and techno style. Esther is an up and coming DJ from Copenhagen, who started only a few years ago and already has her own nightclub in the trendy meat-packing district of Copenhagen and can also be heard at Culture Box, the biggest nightclub of its kind in Copenhagen. 

Saturday will be more of a blend of genres, with disko, house, techno and ethnic rythms on the schedule. Dan Helgi will bring us acid house and ethnic music, and then DJ Sakaris will spin some dance-friendly disco house and overall good vibes. Michael will end the party himself, but hasn't released his set plan yet. 

"I know what I want to play. But I am going to go with the mood a little bit. It will be mostly house and techno, but the exact blend remains to be determined," says Michael.

Skate-Park Theme

There is also going to be a special skater-vibe in Grundin this year. A skate-ramp has been set up inside. 

"Skating culture is growing. Many young people are starting to skateboard and rollerskate these days. And when young people start doing something, many others start doing it too. This is one thing we have chosen to bring forth and do something special with at Grundin this year. 

Michael himself is especially excited to listen to Ba Cissoko, Hamferð, Faithless and Harlem Gospel Choir at the festival this year. 

Translated/Summarized/Written by Miranda Metheny

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