29 Jun 2018

Fjósið Wednesday 11th July

G! Festival wonderfully quirky cultural venue in the heart of the village returns in 2018




Faroese #Metoo stories 

In the fall of 2017 a female actress called upon all women in the filmindustry to put the hashtag #Metoo in their walls on social medias. Women – and men – of all ages, who somehow had their boundaries being stepped on, sexually, spiritually, physically etc., put #Metoo on their wall. Also in the Faroe Islands several women answered with #Metoo. A scree began to roll cautiously and then more relentlessly. This reading is just a small collection of the many stories that were sent anonymously to the homepage metooforoyar.fo, and released in spring 2018

read by faroese actors: Marita Dalsgaard, Gunnvá Zachariasen and others.



For the love of The Faroe Islands

Creativity breeds creativity, but beneath any form of creativity is a voice that wants to be heard. Something growing inside you evolves and translates into a design. And when that design speaks to your audience and touches their souls, the circle is complete. But who and what are the Faroe Islands that Shisa Brand has devoted their heart to? And how does the love translate into garments and others sought after items? 



orBIT : A play by Ria Tórgarð

A band meets up. They are going to rehearse. 6 people, all with their personal qualities, dreams and wishes. Their identities and desires. But is it music that is the motivation for them to make a band? Or is it something else? The common feeling and the love for music is set aside to make room for personal interests and becomes an obstacle to the symbiosis that is essential for creativity. This is an absurd play, a tragic comedy, about people, who cannot find the common tune, and do not have the common sense needed to create the music together. The play is energetic, with acting, music, song, dance and big, violent emotions. This Theater Group is founded by MáF, who has invited them to take part in an International Theater Festival in Litava this summer. The play is specially built to an international audience, so is not necessary to understand the dialog, since the play is physical and reflects upon common, basic human emotions.



Konni Kass

KONNI KASS has been a regular part of the G! lineup for a few years, and is currently in the studio working on their sophomore album, This year we invite them, in the form of a speical 2 piece performance they have been touring whilst work on the second album develops. The show is an electronic mix of soulful pop, with saxophone solos and pop melodies combining songs from the first album HAPHE with new material creating a new minimalistic and electronic sound. KONNI KASS is also playing at this year’s ROSKILDE FESTIVAL in Denmark, and these two shows will be the only chance to hear this fantastic Faroese act this year. 

13 Jul 2019
Fatboy Slim on the Beach Tonight!

The moment we've all been waiting for is almost here. This year's headliner takes the beach stage tonight. Read more »

13 Jul 2019
G! 2019 -- The Food

When one thinks of festivals, what comes to mind is music, chill vibes and cool parties. But this year, G! guests can also think of food. Read more »

13 Jul 2019
"You took all my bones..."

Greta Svabo Bech's amazing voice just cuts straight to the heart. Be there when she takes the stage on the sand at 22:10 tonight. Read more »

13 Jul 2019
This year's coolest campsite award goes to... the Swans' Nest!

With their dedication to theme, noise, and just having a great time, there's no doubt in our minds which campsite takes this year's award. Read more »

13 Jul 2019
The 2019 G! Singalong

Tonight everyone will gather on the beach for a G! tradition: the singalong. Want to join in? The lyrics to all the songs can be found on the free Sona app! Read more »

12 Jul 2019
Grundin - the Nightclub by the Sea - Launches Tonight

Has the festival really begun, before Grundin opens? We'll see you tonight at G!'s hottest dance venue, located in an old building foundation by the fjord. Read more »