29 Jun 2018

Fjósið Friday 13th July

G! Festival wonderfully quirky cultural venue in the heart of the village returns in 2018


Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

How to raise money for your creative dream project.

Is it possible to gather a crowd that wants what you are dreaming of making? Is it possible that this crowd will buy your product in the making?

Yes it is. Illustrator and graphic designer Lena Nicolajsen is a living proof that creative dreams can come true with help from a network around the globe, and she will tell you all about how one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter works in real life.

In her talk Lena will go through the process from idea to finished product. Especially she will concentrate on communicating with followers, the press and other groups of interest.



Insomnia - The smallest hell

Illustrator and graphic designer, Lena Nicolajsen has chosen to go in deep in one of humanities smallest hells, Insomnia.

In this talk about telling personal stories in professional work, she will go through one of the graphic novels about a night struggling with insomnia and how this can lead to questioning the meaning of life and who you are in the small hell of a pillow and duvet. The story is a part of the smallest stories that happen to us with a normal nondramatic life.



The Crowd in music

When we are at a festivals we are a part of the crowd but how is the crowd represented in music, which musicians do this best and why? These and other questions musical experts and enthusiasts Knút Háberg Eysturstein and Meinhard Jensen will discuss in this panel. They will bring musical examples that will illustrate their view on the theme of the talk.



Folk-music festival




Is a quartet of 4 young classically trained musicians playing arrangements of folk music. Andrias Blaasvær (violin), Súsanna Gunna Thomsen (violin), Birita Dam (bratsj) og Gwendolyn Blaga Philbrow (cello)


Kl. 20.00


Kata are an all-female acapella quintet. Originally they performed folk songs from Eastern Europe, especially Bulgarian arrangements. Kata has since started interpreted Faroese folk songs, with their debut album “Tívils Dóttir” (2016) consisting wholly of new arrangements of older Faroese folk songs (ballads, nursery rhymes), notated by Marianna Clausen. At G! festival this year they will be debuting new arrangements of folk songs, all based on recordings taken across the Faroe Islands by the music historian Hjalmar Thuren in 1902. Kata consists of Greta Bech, Guðrið Hansdóttir, Arnfríð Lutzen, Eyð Berghamar Jacobsen and Unn Paturson.



Crowberry Band

Janus á Húsagarði released his first CD "Pub on the Corner” earlier this year and this evening Crowberry Band will perform songs from this release and you are more than welcome to join them for a happy and joyful ride in Irish inspired music. 
Janus á Húsagardi, vocal and guitar, Brandur Jacobsen, drums, Brenna McCormick Jacobsen, vocal. Bartal Augustinussen, acoustic guitar.



Kári Sverrisson & Hans Jacob Kollslíð with band

Kári Sverrisson and Hans Jacob Kollslíð have again worked together on songs that now have been recorded, waiting to be released on CD later this year.

Kári Sverrisson, vocal and guitar, Hans Jacob Kollslíð, vocal and el. gittar

Mattias Kapnas, moog and Hammond, Gwendolyn Philbrow, cello, Bergur Fonsdal Johannesen, contrabass, Harald Fonsdal Johannesen, drums.




Spælimenn is a continuation of Spælimenninir í Hoydølum from 1974, where Kristian Blak gathered “spælimannatónleikáhugaðir” in a kind of “open band”. Then with base at “studentaskúlan” - now just around Fólkatónleikarafelagið.



Afturljóð: the fifties disco 

Hop on the train down the faroese memory lane – including international music from the fities and the sixties with DJ Bjørn Hentze Bech. Put on your dancing shoes og surrender to the swinging tones these awesome hours where you can to twist and shout in the splendid company of all the wellknown good old classic songs. 


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