15 Jul 2016

Announcement: Schedule Changes!

Due to heavy rain, which is still falling, the schedule this evening will change in several ways.

The beach stage is closed due to the weather, therefore, the following changes will be made to the schedule tonight:

Jacob Bellens will play in Tøting at 21:00, and Lea Kampmann will play at the Playground (Spælipláss) at 20:45.

Eivör's performance will be moved to tomorrow, Saturday.

Hamradun will play at 21.45, Songhoy Blues at 22:45, and Steve'n'Seagulls at 23:55, all on the Playground (Spælipláss).


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16 Jul 2016
The Outstanding Eivør on her Home Field

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16 Jul 2016
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16 Jul 2016
Poetry in the Village - A Poetic Tour of Gøta

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