Terms and conditions
Sales are final. Once bought, tickets can not be refunded.

All prices on this site are in DKK (Danish Krone). There is no VAT on tickets to G! Festival.

Methods of payment
This online shop allows two options of paying online – either by PayPal or by Quickpay. With Paypal you can use most credit cards, with QuickPay you can use only Dankort (DK).

Your information is sent directly to the paygate handlers – PayPal or Quickpay – we do not receive acces to any of your credit card information.

e-Weekend Tickets and e-Camp Site Tickets are a png files that we email you after you have completed your order. You first receive a confirmation email. The email with the actual e-Tickets is sent in a different email typically sent within 48 hours. However, sometimes it can take longer. If you have not recieved your email containing your e-ticket within 7 days, please notify us on

Internet Service Providers (ISP) have tightened their definitions of SPAM. As a result, your ISP might categorize an email confirmation from this site as potential spam and filter it into a “Bulk” folder or a predetermined “SPAM” folder you define. If you place an order and do not receive your email confirmation in your Inbox, please check in these areas before contacting us.
You must print your e-Ticekts and bring them to the festival. You do not need a color printer, but the unique number on the ticket needs to be clearly visible. It is the number that determines if your ticket is valid and therefore whether you receive you wristband at the doors or not.

e-Tickets have the same validity as old fashioned pre printed paper tickets.
All e-Tickets have a unique individual number. If the tickets have been printed several times, they only work the first time they are used.
If you lose you email with you tickets you can email us and request a resend.
If you have a suspicion that someone has got a copy of your ticket it is possible to void that specific ticket and get a new one by contacting There is a 100 DKK fee on voiding a ticket and sending out a new one.

Old fashion pre printed paper tickets
If you for some reason rather would like an old fashioned pre printed paper ticket, these are available from our ticket sales office – / tel +298 74 00 00 and at outlets across the country. See where on our website:
There is a 25 DKK extra fee on pre printed paper tickets

G! Festival is organized by The G! Foundation (G! Grunnurin), við Ánna 72, Norðragöta. V-NO 585300. Tel +298 740000. Email: