15 Jul 2016

Even Better Tonight

Yesterday was great -- today could be even better!

Thursday at G! Festival was a great success and ended with a bang, the likes of which have never been seen in the Faroe Islands, when SBCR aka The Bloody Beetroots whipped the beach crowd into a frenzy. But the music schedule tonight could be even stronger.

The camping area woke up this morning to sopping wet tents, but most of them smiled, unable to be swayed after their fantastic experience the night before, which will go down in history as one of the best Thursdays at G! of all time.

Record-sales of tickets bore witness to the strong band selections and music experiences on offer this year. The weather gods have shown their strength this morning with pouring rain and wind, but the weather-wise of Gøta are certain that the weather will improve noticably as we move into the evening.

"We have no doubt that tonight is going to be even better," says Sigvør Laksá, G! Festival manager.The driving rain has caused some irritation at the Playground (Spælipláss), where a rip in the canvas delayed the performances a little bit. But from 18:00 on, the stage is back in business. In previous years, it has sometimes been necessary to move performances from the Beach Stage (Sandur), but the local municipality has strengthened the foundation and the stage should be steadfast this year.

The musical experience on Thursday was strong, but the schedule for tonight is even stronger. From Hudson Taylor with Gabrielle Aplin to Lea Kampmann, Hamradun, Songhoy Blues and Steve'n'Seagulls, we have a blazing hot schedule ahead. And we can't forget the Barn (Fjós), where Uni Debess and Janus & The Crowberry Band are rounding out the evening.

There is one major change in the schedule: G! Queen Eivør, who is better than ever before, will now take the stage tomorrow evening, on Saturday.

Welcome, everyone, to G! Festival!


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