4 Jun 2024

Today, we announce a final batch of four names.

We have been announcing artists performing at G! Festival for months now. Completing the total line-up of more than 40 artists and bands that will be performing in Gøta at this year's G! Festival, July 18th-20th!


When Silvurdrongur first emerged, it quickly became clear that he would be one of those special artists, people will speak of twenty years from now. A groundbreaking poet, rapper, and multi-artist who has quietly removed all boundaries on his path of music and videos, he uses the full scale of the Faroese language, and his style of rapping is not an attempt to become anyone else. Silvurdrongur is simply unique! The show at G! will be something truly special, as the release date for the new album "nú æt eg eftir ánni" is set at G! Festival. We look forward to hearing Silvurdrongur's new music at G!


Folk band Himmerland is an old friend of G! whom we warmly welcome back this year. They play wonderful folk music, mixing old Danish ballads with lively fiddle and improvisations. This show has been made possible in collaboration with Summartónar, which every summer brings music out to every corner of the Faroe Islands and always contributes something special to the G! Festival line-up. Everyone who is into folk music and good moods should come for this show at G!

Die Færøsche Polka Band

"It was just supposed to be a little thing for a party" - that's how it all started. This random moment in time gave birth to the brass band Die Færøsche Polka Band, who have the ability to take any tune and dress it in lederhosen. And where will they be performing? We have no idea, to be honest! These will be pop-up shows that can appear just about anywhere, spreading joy and good vibes around the premises. Hep! Hep! ... Polka is great fun and G! will be great fun!


üBERNöRD invites everyone to a fabulous dance party where the soles of your feet will be tickled with a seductive mix of disco and its many offshoots. Cool grooves, funky classics, and high spirits all the way. Get your leather coat on and wax your hair. We're heading to the dance floor at G!

It's already official that Highasakite (NO), Of Monsters and Men (IS), Eivör (FO), Teitur (FO), Swangah (FO), Jamie Grey (UK), The Longest Johns (UK), Specktors (DK), Omar Souleyman (SY), JJ Paulo (DK/TZ), Personal Trainer (NL), Aggrasoppar (FO), Hamferð (FO), Plúmm (FO), Dania (FO), Alice Boman (SE), Rangar Finsson (FO), Silent Disco Club (NO), GRÓA (IS), Das Body (NO), Einangran (FO), Konsörn (FO), Jógvan (FO), Elinborg (FO), Alias Morera (FO), Knút (FO), Aiming for Enrike (NO), Ash Olsen (NO), Agat (IL), Sound of the Damned (GL) Nelly Moar (NO) Ragnar Finsson (FO) Spælimenninir (FO) Enekk (FO) Playmo (FO) DJ Quien (BO/DE) Samba Touré (ML) James Blames (SCO/FO) Songs From Tin Pan Alley (DK) Silvurdrongur (FO) Himmerland (DK/FO/SE/SCO) Die Færøsche Polka Band (FO) and üBERNöRD (FO) will play at G! 2024.

19 Jul 2024
  Satisfy your taste buds

The infamous ROKK BBQ team, Sólfinn Danielsen, Jákup Sumberg, and Benjamin Petersen, offer something as exciting as natural wine and seafood, on Friday from 17:00-20:00 at Rönn. Read more »

19 Jul 2024
Friday at G!

Another Day of Music and Good Vibes Awaits! Read more »

19 Jul 2024
The Hike from Leirvík to Göta Over the Mountain will be at 12 PM

  The hike will now start at 12 PM from Leirvík, not at 2 PM as previously announced. Register at paulajespersen@gmail.com or by phone at 229098 - limited availability. Meeting point: Á Bakka 8, Lei… Read more »

18 Jul 2024
G! Festival starts today

Thursday, July 18, 2024, Syðrugöta Read more »

15 Jul 2024
The Faroese Invasion of Iceland: Panel Discussion at the G! Festival

This year's G! Festival will feature an exciting panel discussion titled 'The Faroese Invasion of Iceland.' The discussion will focus on the early 2000s, when Faroese bands like Týr, Clickhaze, Krit,… Read more »

10 Jul 2024
Júxn - a cultural hub

Welcome to the Júxn stage at G! Festival 2024, a vibrant hub of cultural exploration and expression. Previously known as Fjósið, this dynamic space has now expanded into three unique areas: the origin… Read more »