28 May 2024

DJ Quien, Samba Touré, James Blames and Songs From Tin Pan Alley joins the line-up!

Chanting and meditative moods blend with various rhythms as we announce another batch of four names.

DJ Quien

Scratching DJ Quien from Bolivia now resides in Berlin. This cultural clash has honed his skills for 20 years. The pounding bass is the constant as we journey through Cumbia, Funk, Soul, Disco, and Boogie, all of which is mixed with sharp electronic beats. Experience a brilliant scratching DJ at G!

Samba Touré

Malian Samba Touré was a touring band member of the renowned Ali Farka Touré. His sound is a blend of the African desert and American blues. The guitar playing is chanting and hypnotic, and his voice is clear. Faroese listeners may find the lyrics challenging to understand, but they speak of the life and[UL1]  the everyday struggles of the average person at the bottom of society. Fill your water pouch as the sun from Mali shines at G!

James Blames 

A quirky individual from Scotland, now living in the Faroe Islands, James Blames plays what he calls non-music. It's gritty and unapologetic. This is a world of punk and electronics, where the only rule is not to please the audience. Despite this, it is definitely music. Imagine deep meditation on a Tibetan mountaintop, but instead of chanting a soft "ohmmmmmm," you scream from the top of your lungs into the vast nothingness of the universe. Get your attitude straight with James Blames at G!

Songs From Tin Pan Alley

Songs From Tin Pan Alley from Copenhagen is an artist who brilliantly creates electronic soundscapes. He magically manages to add dust to his sounds and breathe life into the electronics. The first performance will be an interactive experience, where the audience can engage with the instruments and see what happens when they turn the knobs on the electronic gear. The second performance will be a "hangover chill" on the beach by the hot tubs. Enjoy relaxing soundscapes as you take care of yourself in the hot tubs or lay in the hammocks. Satisfy your nerdy curiosity or simply relax with Songs From Tin Pan Alley at G!

It's already official that Highasakite (NO), Of Monsters and Men (IS), Eivör (FO), Teitur (FO), Swangah (FO), Jamie Grey (UK), The Longest Johns (UK), Specktors (DK), Omar Souleyman (SY), JJ Paulo (DK/TZ), Personal Trainer (NL), Aggrasoppar (FO), Hamferð (FO), Plúmm (FO), Dania (FO), Alice Boman (SE), Rangar Finsson (FO), Silent Disco Club (NO), GRÓA (IS), Das Body (NO), Einangran (FO), Konsörn (FO), Jógvan (FO), Elinborg (FO), Alias Morera (FO), Knút (FO), Aiming for Enrike (NO), Ash Olsen (NO), Agat (IL), Sound of the Damned (GL) Nelly Moar (NO) Ragnar Finsson (FO) Spælimenninir (FO) Enekk (FO) Playmo (FO) DJ Quien (BO/DE) Samba Touré (ML) James Blames (SCO/FO) and Songs From Tin Pan Alley (DK) will play at G! 2024, follow us on social media as we announce new acta every Tuesday morning at 9 AM.

13 Jun 2024
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4 Jun 2024
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21 May 2024
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14 May 2024
Ragnar Finsson performs at G!

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14 May 2024
Personal Trainer joins the line-up!

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7 May 2024
Jamie Grey from the UK joins the line-up!

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