15 Jul 2016

Another Special Sing-Along at G!

This year, G! has put a lot of effort into planning a very special sing-along on the beach.

One of the best events at any G! Festival is the sing-along, which brings hundreds of festival guests together on the beach to sing well known songs together. This year's event promises to be especially memorable.

This year, the well known Kim Hansen will be leading the group singing, and he has selected some of our most beloved songs to ensure a special event.

On the stage this year, we'll have Danny and the Veetos, Uni Debess, Karl Martin Samuelsen, Martin Joensen, Eyðun Nolsoe, Annika Hoydal and Eivør as they enjoy some of our most precious music together with G! Festival guests.

On Saturday at 22:45, we'll gather on the sand to sing with them all about the 80's, our country, little Elisabet and Elinborg, and, of course, about the sea beside the waves of Gøtuvík.

You can purchase your G! Festival ticket on the homesite gfestival.fo, in Magn stations around the country, in Tutl, in the tourist information office in Tórshavn, or at the festival's main entrance.

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