21 May 2024

Disco in silence, folk, world music and techno

G! announces new acts every Tuesday. This time, we announce four acts, encompassing folk, world, and techno music, as well as a silent pop-up disco.


Enekk (FO)

Enekk is a highly cherished gemstone of the Faroese music scene. Like scientists, they have rediscovered traditional Faroese music and blended it with Bulgarian folk music, among others. Another defining characteristic of the band is the great poetry in all their lyrics. This is a band that has ignited the fire in the heart of many other Faroese musicians through the years. Performing at G! Festival will be the original core of the band: Kári Sverrisson, Agnar Lamhauge, and Óli á Grindafløtti.

Spælimenninir (FO)

With piano, violin, mandolin, recorder, and bass, Spælimenninir play cheerful folk music. The musicians come from different places and thus create a wonderful blend of styles. They have played at G! Festival many times before, but this year is special as they celebrate their 50th anniversary. During the half-century they have travelled the world with their music, their joy of performing has never faded—on the contrary, they just keep spreading their joy of playing music. Let's celebrate the 50th anniversary of Spælimenninir at G! Festival together


Playmo (FO)

Playmo, with his hard-pumping techno music, is one of the greatest electronic artists of the Faroe Islands. Famous DJs all over the world play his tracks in their sets, and big techno record labels are queued up to release his music. Come and join Playmo's rave party at G! Festival!


Silent Disco Club (NO)

Imagine going to the disco and everyone dances, but it's completely quiet in the room. Sounds strange, right?

This is what happens at the Silent Disco Club! You put on a pair of wireless headphones. Three DJs spin records with your favourite tracks, but you can only listen to one at a time. You're enjoying yourself and feel that you're dancing in the same tempo as the person to your right. But oh, to your left someone's having way more fun?! That's because they're on the channel of another DJ than you are! So you switch over to their channel and join their party. It's simply hilariously good fun! Come and enjoy the pop-up events from Silent Disco Club at G! Festival!

It's already official that Highasakite (NO), Of Monsters and Men (IS), Eivör (FO), Teitur (FO), Swangah (FO), Jamie Grey (UK), The Longest Johns (UK), Specktors (DK), Omar Souleyman (SY), JJ Paulo (DK/TZ), Personal Trainer (NL), Aggrasoppar (FO), Hamferð (FO), Plúmm (FO), Dania (FO), Alice Boman (SE), Rangar Finsson (FO), Silent Disco Club (NO), GRÓA (IS), Das Body (NO), Einangran (FO), Konsörn (FO), Jógvan (FO), Elinborg (FO), Alias Morera (FO), Knút (FO), Aiming for Enrike (NO), Ash Olsen (NO), Agat (IL), Sound of the Damned (GL) Nelly Moar (NO) Ragnar Finsson (FO) Spælimenninir (FO) Enekk (FO) and Playmo (FO) will play at G! 2024, follow us on social media as we announce new acta every Tuesday morning at 9 AM.

13 Jun 2024
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