30 Apr 2024

Swangah - The Founders of Faroese Hip Hop joins the line-up!

Swangah - The Founders of Faroese Hip Hop

The dominating genre of the world has been hip hop for years, gradually arriving on the Faroe Islands. Boys were rapping to beats in their bedrooms, or rap was something you would use on top of rock music.

However, when Swangah released their album "Belials synir" a decade ago, they established the stage for Faroese hip hop. Hard-hitting beats with even harder rhymes written in Faroese.

... And the rest is history, as they say. Since then, the local music scene has seen many great artists with their own take on rap and hip hop. But the true founders of Faroese hip hop will forever be Swangah.

We are looking forward to welcoming them to G!, where they will deliver one of their biggest shows to date. Brace yourselves, as this is one of the Faroese favorites!

t's already official that Of Monsters and Men (IS), Highasakite (NO), Eivør (FO), The Longest Johns (UK), Alice Boman (SE), Aggrasoppar (FO), Hamferð (FO), Alias Morera (FO/DK), Specktors (DK), Dania O. Tausen(FO), Einangran (FO), Knút (FO), Elinborg (FO), Konsørn (FO), Aiming for Enrike (NO), Ash Olsen (NO) Jógvan (FO) Agat (IL) Nelly Moar (NO) Sound of the Damned (GL) Das Body (NO) JJ Paulo (DK/TZ) and GRÓA (IS) will play at G! 2024, follow us on social media as we announce a new act every Tuesday morning at 9 AM

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