15 Jul 2016

An Epic Thursday Ends with a Bang!

The first evening of the festival was a roaring success.

Everyone has had different opinions about this year's G! Festival, and who ought to play on which stage, but there's no doubt that the first evening of the festival saw ticket sales surge to record-breaking numbers and resounding music exhilirate fans in a late-night 'rave' party on the sand.

Upp Við Hornunum (UVH), comprised of heavy-metal groups Goresquad, Iron Lungs, Asyllex, Svartmálm and UVH DJ, was the top offering in the barn (Fjós), raging from 21:00 and deep into the morning.

With VJ Mad Es' work as a backgrop, the barn (Fjós) will continue to be an exciting venue throughout the festival, with a mix of folk music on Friday night and electronic group Talgildið on the schedule for Saturday night.

On the beach, SBCR aka The Bloody Beetroots is leading a 'rave' in electro house/dance-punk style -- with the Faroes' own Greta Svabo Bech as a guest singer.

And the show will go on! We still have two great days of diverse performances to look forward to. If you haven't gotten your ticket yet, hurry to Syðrugøta to join us for an epic G! weekend!

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16 Jul 2016
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16 Jul 2016
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