6 Feb 2024

Aiming for Enrike - Norwegian excellence at G! 2024

Norwegian duo Aiming for Enrike consists of two brilliant musicians who, with their humble guitar and drums, create an extraordinarily wide palette of sound. Their style, which has been conveyed on five releases, ranges from shoegaze to techno. 

If you close your eyes, you can easily imagine five or six musicians on stage, with someone playing the keyboard, someone on bass, and someone on percussion.

There has been something special brewing on the Norwegian music scene recently. Time and time again, Norway manages to reveal incredibly talented artists, bands, musicians, and composers, all on such a high international level that you'll be taken by surprise over and over again. 

The country is not that large, so what Norwegians are doing these days is in fact quite incredible and a place to listen out for. 

Come and be enchanted by the talented musicians and their incredible skills. Let yourself be carried away and dance as if it were a techno party with a DJ.

Aiming for Enrike are a combination of high-flying and the simple.  A fullfilment of mind and body.

We are extremely excited to experience Aiming for Enrike together with you at G! 2024.

It's already official that Of Monsters and Men (IS), Eivör (FO), The Longest Johns (UK), Einangran (FO), Knút (FO), Ash Olsen (NO) and Specktors (DK) will play at  G! 2024, follow us on social media as we announce a new act every Tuesday morning at 9 AM. 

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