16 Jan 2024

Knút (FO) performing at G! 2024

G! Festival's first announcement of the year is Knút (FO).

A musicologist and a central figure of the Faroese music scene through two whole decades, he has worked his fingers and brains through most of all available music on this planet, while releasing four solo albums, and playing keyboards and guitar with many of the greatest artists the Faroe Islands have to offer. 

Knút's music is a cocktail of shoegaze, gospel, 60's rock and many other genres. 

It is a unique combination of his personal interests and what he has inherited by birth.

2023 ended with his latest album release, Hjartasláttur (Heartbeat) (TUTL 2023), which might well prove to be his best album to date. It carries his artistic characteristics but has arrived at a point where the combination of styles no longer feel borrowed from others. Knút has reached a peak possessing a unique style of his own which he controls completely. This is evident in his powerful songwriting and productions, where everything is neatly tied together. It's a wide palette of choral arrangements, strings, and mandolin playing on the distorted guitar. At the core of everything is always a great song providing a glimpse into the beautiful soul of a man with a warm and honest voice, whose music is so sincere – and full of longing and hope. 

Over the last few years, Knút has written an impressive book about Faroese old timer Regin Dahl. He is currently writing a PhD about music tradition and music education in the Faroe Islands.

Knút is truly the Indiana Jones of Faroese music. And we are overly excited to hear Knút perform at G! 2024.

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