29 Nov 2023

Of Monsters and Men at G! Festival 2024

The G! Festival is thrilled to announce that the Icelandic indie rock sensation Of Monsters and Men will be performing at next year’s festival.

The picturesque main stage of the G! Festival, placed on the beach in the tiny village of Syðrugøta, beneath the surrounding mountains, has been aching for this visit for years. And 2024 will be the year when dreams come through!

Since their debut album, "My Head Is An Animal," the band has achieved global success with chart-topping hits like "Little Talks," "Dirty Paws," "Mountain Sound" and "Crystals." 

Of Monsters and Men, hailing from Reykjavik, has truly managed to capture the hearts of fans all over the world with their anthemic sound, their strong melodies, and their unique blend of folk and indie rock. Who doesn’t know their famous signature shout, HEY!!

"We've had Of Monsters and Men on our wishlist for years, and it's truly a dream come true to have them headline the G! Festival," says Sigvør Laksá, CEO of the G! Festival. 

"Their music resonates with a wide audience, and we believe their performance will be a highlight of this year's festival. This is a perfect match with the vibe on the beach of the G! Festival. Get ready for an unforgettable night of music, culture, and the magic that is G! Festival." adds Høgni Lisberg, Musical Director.

The G! Festival is set to take place from 18th-20th July in the charming village of Syðrugøta. 

Over the coming weeks we will announce more great acts. 

For more information on the G! Festival and to purchase tickets, please visit gfestival.fo.


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