6 Jun 2023

Six new acts added to

Today, G! announces six new additions to its already extensive lineup. Faroese Sakaris, Dania O. Tausen, Tamara, Supervisjón, Silvitni, and Swedish Hialösa all represent excellence in their own unique ways.

Hialösa is a trio that performs traditional music from the Nordic countries. The trio is currently active with their concert series "Scanian very old pop." Their performance is based on traditional musical elements, poetry, vocals, and new compositions. It is traditional, captivating, and sincere.

Both Dania and Tamara are young female vocalists from the local scene, both with extensive experience and currently releasing new material.

Dania's upcoming solo album will be released in the fall, with the first single already out this Friday. She has truly found her sound with the help of her incredibly talented band. Dania is known for her involvement in various musical projects, winning the local music competition Sement with the  band Reality Bytes as a teenager, and winning it again this year with Aggrasoppar.

However, it is under her own name that we will truly experience the vocalist and songwriter Dania. Her music is clear, with strong melodies and powerful lyrics, driven by her warm and genuine voice. It's music that makes people stop and listen, easy to embrace but without sacrificing depth.

Tamara has spent the past years working abroad with her music, resulting in three solo singles released within the last year. Her first EP will be released in the fall. Tamara has roots in both Fuglafjørður and Tanzania. From a young age, she has been writing music, which she performs with her unique and beautiful voice. Her sound is a blend of R&B and hip-hop, with personal and relatable lyrics.

Sakaris has been a consistent provider of great live performances and outstanding pop songs since his debut album in 2012. He always delivers, whether it's on the G! stage, at a bingo night for the retirement community, or at a thirteen-year-old's birthday party. His latest single, "Thank You," is a hit on Faroese radio. Described as J-Pop meeting '80s glam pop with a touch of haunting Nordic mystique, Sakaris is truly one of a kind. His lyrics are distinctive, and his melodies are incredibly catchy.

Supervisjón is a Faroese electronic music project created by musician and producer Lasse Jæger. It is noisy, punk-infused, and techno-inspired, with a distinctive and innovative use of samples from the vocals of songwriter Lív Maria Róadóttir Jæger. It is almost like an additional instrument.

Silvitni is a female choir founded in September 2020. Led by conductor Cinthia González Parada, Silvitni sings beautiful and challenging choral music. The nine singers have extensive experience as choir performers both in the Faroe Islands and abroad. The women, hailing from the Faroe Islands, the Netherlands, Germany, and Chile, perform classical and contemporary choral music written by both Faroese and international composers.

With these six additions, we now have a total of 37 artists on the G! lineup. The complete schedule will be announced in the coming weeks, including the final names and the program for Fjósið, which, as usual, promises an exciting cultural experience.

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