1 May 2023

Seven Nordic acts announced

As always G! has a great Nordic program, today we announce seven names from our neighbouring countries. When Saints Go Machine (DK), Axel Flóvent (IS), Beharie (NO), Honningbarna (NO), Antti Paalanen (FI), Árstíðir (IS) and Sturle Dagsland (NO)

They join a line up with the nine local bands and five other Nordic acts already announced, and much more is to come.  

When Saints Go Machine 

is a Danish electropop band from Copenhagen. In 2008, When Saints Go Machine were awarded  the P3 Talent Award at P3 Gold. One year later, they were awarded the top prize, "P3 Award"

In 2010 the group opened the Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival.

The following years the band has kept on releasing music and making waves, and building a bigger and bigger following at home and abroad. 

Their newest single "Gone" was released in April, and is the first from their upcoming album "Rosy", an album they have worked on for the past one and half years, and looks back to the sonic roots of the band, while making sure not to repeat, what has already been done. 

Axel Flóvent

Born and raised in the Northern fishing village of Húsavík, singer-songwriter and producer Axel Flóvent recorded his first EP 'Forest Fires', it was here where the songs were written under the influence of everything from Bon Iver to Bombay Bicycle Club. It yielded an international phenomenon in the form of the title track, generating over 70 million streams. 

At 19 years old Axel moved to Amsterdam to connect with the vibrancy of the Dutch music scene. He then traded Amsterdam for the seaside town of Brighton in the UK where he recorded his EP 'Youthful Hearts'. Before moving back to Iceland to work on his debute album 'You Stay By The Sea' In 2022 he kept himself busy creatively, releasing a collaboration EP as well as a deluxe version of his debut album, that included his emotive latest single 'Tomorrow Will Be Gone'. Axel is currently dividing his time between playing shows/festivals across Europe and writing new music in his studio in Iceland.


Deeply rooted within the indie/soul landscape you will find Beharie - a young, old soul with a distinctive expression that balances neatly between searching for an identity and independence. With vulnerable vocals immersed in delicate harmonies, his music conveys a nerve that dares to be both vulnerable and insistent.
Despite it being early on in his career, Beharie has already managed to win himself a Norwegian Grammy Award (“Spellemann Award") with his second EP ‘Beharie // Beharie’ (2021), as well as being nominated by Swedish Gaffa Awards as “International Newcomer of The Year”. The EP won him praise internationally with Wonderland saying “It might be too early to crown the EP of the year just yet, but this is certainly one of our best contenders”. 

With his ability to express emotions wrapped in warm, soulful and timeless sounds, Beharie is continuing to bring his ever-developing music to exciting new places and heights.


Honningbarna is a punk rock band from Kristiansand, Norway, known for performing lyrics in the local Kristiansand dialect.
The band débuted in 2010 with the EP Honningbarna. In January 2011, they won a competition for fresh music, "Årets Urört" organized by the radio station NRK P3. 
The winning song named Borgerskapets utakknemlige sönner ("Ungrateful sons of the bourgeoisie"). 

Same year, they released their debut album La alarmane gå (Sound the alarms). The debut album won in the category of rock at the Norwegian musicawards: Spellemannprisen 2011. They were also nominated in the category Newcomer of the year.  


Árstíðir leaped onto the international arena in 2010 as clouds of ash from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano spread across Europe making Iceland the talk of the day.  Having spawned two #1 hit singles in Iceland, the eclectic trio formed two years earlier in Reykjavík now embarked on a relentless touring excursion spanning Siberia to San Diego, Zagreb to Svalbard, while at the same time going viral with an 800-year-old hymn performed impromptu at a train station. 
The bedrock of Árstíðir's music is the chemistry between members, Daníel, Gunnar & Ragnar and their shared passion for vocal harmonies. At the core the songs are pop music with gripping choruses, robed in suave and sometimes surprising arrangements.  

Antti Paalanen

Combining traditional Finnish music with Electronic Dance Music, all on the accordion. Antti Paalanen superimposes the good-natured atmosphere of the accordion on the heady beats of electronic music. After all, the accordion has always made people dance. With Antti Paalanen it's just a little bit tougher. Metal lover since adolescence, Antti Paalanen adds to this blend of accordion and technoid influences a throaty singing inspired by Siberian traditions. This fusion of the ancient and the modern gives the impression of participating in a Viking festival under acid. For the last few years Antti has been touring festivals all over the World – mostly around Europe, but also in USA, Canada, Russia and Japan.

Sturle Dagsland

Sturle Dagsland is a highly acclaimed genre-bending artist from Norway. With a wild and unique performance he captivates the audience and takes the listeners on an adventurous, surreal and beautiful journey. Touring frequently at festivals all across the world, from Shanghai to New York, he creates music with a dark, ethereal and irrefutable intensity that enchants the audience and leaves no one feeling indifferent 


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