22 Apr 2022

10 Artists added to the lineup

The summer is fast approaching, the first lambs have arrived, the grass is slowly becoming greener and the nights are getting brighter. That means that preparations for this year's G! Festival are going full speed ahead and it’s not long until we finally can enjoy the festival together again. 

We are delighted to announce Teitur will return to G! Festival 2022. Teitur is a Faroese musician, composer, singer-songwriter and producer and a winner of multiple Danish Music Awards and has toured globally since his debut release, Poetry & Aeroplanes, in 2003. Teiturs new album “Cazador de Ostras” was created with some of Argentina's finest musicians, who recorded the entire album live using i.a. bandoneon, harp, sitar, charango, strings and percussion. It’s been 4 years since Teitur last joined our lineup and we can’t wait to experience the unique blend between Argentinian sounds and the beach in Syðrugöta. 

Legendary Faroese band Tinganest started playing in the 70s and now almost 50 years later they are still going strong! Songs like "Upp á tá", "Vágagellan" and "Havnargøtur" have been playing on the radio almost daily since the 80s. They will be playing late at night on Saturday and which will bring us on a journey through memory lane. 

Copenhagens Faroese prince of dark acid disco, Brynjolfur, is known in the dance music community for churning out eclectic productions that pull from a variety of electronic music sub-genres such as acid house, old skool electro, techno, synth, neo-Italo, and house. Brynjolfur has been DJ’ing and hosting G!’s electronic stage several times, but this year he will be playing an exclusive live set on the Playground stage. 

ELINBORG is a local singer/songwriter, she has been performing and writing music since she was a small child. Her songs performed with her soft and crystal clear voice, wrapped in a pop/tronica soundscape, is something we will be hearing much more of in the years to come. 

LLNN is a Danish post-apocalyptic, hardcore-infected sludge metal band combined with sci-fi elements and massive drones. The music is gloomy and seems to be stuck in a dissonant musical landscape with its frontal attacks of drums, guitars, screams and cinematic soundscapes.

Faroese western/electro duo Kóboykex, formed by Sigmund Zachariassen and Heiðrik á Heygum. The pair are both prominent musicians within the Faroese music scene. Sigmund is known for his many punk projects, notably critically acclaimed punk band Joe & The Shitboys and Heiðrik is known for crafting the melancholic indie-pop that has made him a household name on the islands. 

They will be joined by the secret Faroese flowerpunk naprap semi-supergroup Æðrasoppar, Faroese rappers RSP, and folk musicians Swedish Kakalorium and Hungarian Zoord. 

Tickets are on sale, and if you buy before the 10th of May you will save 300 DKK compared to the price at the door. 

See you at G! 2022

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