12 Nov 2021

Lapee, female urinals at G! 2022

Women can finally skip the endless queues for the traditional toilets at large outdoor events by using Lapee, the first female urinal. 

Lapee consists of three elements: a spot-on pink colour which makes it easy for the users to find, sustainable & stackable materials that enable to reduce carbon emissions when shipped and transported, a unique design that offers private and secure spaces for 3 women to pee at the same time.

Lapee is designed for women; it is designed to provide cover for women peeing the height of the urinal brings privacy but also empowers the woman peeing. While peeing, her eyesight is at the same level as a standing person. 

Lapee was founded to improve gender equality by giving women the possibility to pee without waiting in line in a secure and clean environment.

I think we all know how nightmarish the situation is for women when toilets get pressured. Here, women usually face the dilemma of getting in an insanely long queue or, an improvised, unsafe, unhygienic and very degrading backup plan commonly known as « hiding between two cars » or « hiding behind the bushes ». Well not anymore! 

Lapee is designed and produced in Denmark, where it had its premiere at music festivals and sports events in the summer of 2019. And wow – what a success! Women just love it. It is already present in many countries in Europe and all the way to Australia! and now the Faroe Islands. 

We are so excited about having Lapee at our festival in 2022. 


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