13 Oct 2021

FMX x G! Festival at Trondheim Calling 2022

We are delighted to announce a showcase night of Faroese music at Trondheim Calling, 3-5 February 2022. 
Three Faroese acts will be selected by the festival panel to showcase at the event, which will see Faroe Islands take over a venue to host an evening in the city centre. The festival boasts an annual attendance of 7000. In addition to the 10 venues across the city, there is an industry conference, offering panels and network opportunities for music industry participants, of which over 1000 attend each year. Trondheim itself has a population of 220,000, including 40,000 students, and is a socially-progressive hub for music and culture. 

G! Festival will be joining FMX to co-host the event, as they will also be selecting a new Norwegian act from Trondheim Calling to perform in Sydrugota, at G! Festival next July. 

The night has been a long time in the making, due to ongoing pandemic cancellations, but we are very excited for our first official collaboration with Trondheim Calling, and we are very grateful to be invited to participate with them, to project Faroese music through their fantastic platform. 

Artists and bands wishing to be considered for the event are required to fill out the attached application, no later than Friday 29 October. The acts will be announced on November 15th. 

Trondheim Calling artist application

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