30 Apr 2021

G! is going ahead as planned

After a good and long discussion the board at G! Festival have decided to go ahead with the 2021 edition of the festival. This will be the 20th edition of the G! Festival and we are looking forward to celebrating that with you.


2000 tickets have already been sold, and the last 2000 are now on sale. Tickets for the camping will be put on sale on the 11th of May.


The corona situation looks very positive, so we have decided to continue with the preparations, says Sigvør Laksá, festival manager. The decision is first and foremost based on that there is no Corona in the Faroe Islands and it should therefore not be an issue to gather 4000 people outside. Even though the guidelines still say that no more than 500 people can gather, we cannot wait any longer for further instructions from the authorities, says Sigvør. The festival has a budget of 5,5 million and 1800 people are in different ways active in the making of the festival. The practical preparations demand much time and energy, so we will start now and aim for our best festival yet.

If you are travelling to the Faroe Islands, please follow our government's corona guidelines, which you can find on the website www.corona.fo

21 May 2024
Disco in silence, folk, world music and techno

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14 May 2024
Ragnar Finsson performs at G!

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14 May 2024
Personal Trainer joins the line-up!

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7 May 2024
Jamie Grey from the UK joins the line-up!

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7 May 2024
Teitur performs at G!

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30 Apr 2024
Swangah - The Founders of Faroese Hip Hop joins the line-up!

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