29 Jun 2018

Fjósið Thursday 12th July

G! Festival wonderfully quirky cultural venue in the heart of the village returns in 2018


Hildaland: A Lost Man and A Lost Island – videolist and artist talk

Screenings and talk arranged by Forlagið Eksil.

Tsz Man Chan, visual artist and founder of Papay Gyro Nights art festival from one of the most remote islands of Scotland in the Orkney Islands will present 3 recent video works that reflect on her lost partner IVANOV. The work is fictional mythology merging into surreal life story. Through the magic of the Finfolk, Hildaland was kept hidden from mortal eyes, though the shores of this earthly paradise were often glimpsed by travellers. Through fog travellers able to entre to the other world without any trace and only stories can be left behind.

Zima, Chan Tsz Man will also be giving a talk with anthropologist and writer Stuart McLean from The University of Minnesota, sharing their views and experience on the blur of mythology, creativities and real life. We would like to dedicate this event to IVANOV (one of the founders of Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival) who vanished on the island of Orkney in 2017.



In search of lost colours

Randi Samsonsens main medium is textile and colours play a vitale role in her memories. In this talk she will take us on a search for the lost colours. Her knitted, crocheted, sewn and stuffed artworks along with lithographic works were created for her exhibition, In Search of Lost Colours spring 2018. The exhibition was conceptual and both the lithographic and textile works have the same startingpoint which the artist has referred to as colour memories from the different homes she grew up in and visited as a child. From childhod we are blessed with an outstanding ability to sence our surrounding. We see, smell, hear and feel the rooms surrounding us and the things in them so thoroughly, that we are able to relive these sensory secollections many years later. 



Why does the world need breeded seaweed?

How can seaweed breeding take up CO2 and how can we produce products which can replace environment plastic that pollutes? These are only few of the questions Ólavur Gregersen the pioneer in Ocean Rainforest will answer according to seaweed breeding in the Faroes. Also we will see pictures from the seaweed breeding in Funningsfirdi and Ólavur will make some food from seaweed and offer delicious samples.



Poetry reading

The publishing house, Forlagid Eksil invites you to a poetry reading performed by four contemporary faroese poets. The poets are Oddfrídur M. Rasmussen, (1969). Sámal Soll, (1977) Kim Simonsen (1970) og Haldur Suni Johansen (1963).



With Katrin Ottarsdóttir into the dumps

In her latest film works and writing film director and writer Katrin Ottarsdóttir has been very blunt and merciless voice depicting dysfunctional relations within families and other people close to each other. For this hour Fjósið will be turned into a dark cellar, where Katrin will be reading poems and (very) short stories and show a couple of short films form her film installation Memories From An Apartment. In times there will be a chance to breathe as Sissal Kampmann talks to Katrin about her work. Forlagid Eksil hosts the show. 



Blind man´s bluff in the silver stable

We are going to put out the lights and put on the record so that we can sense it better. The Silver Record – Silvurpláta by faroese hip hop group Silvurdrongur – does not merely need to be heard, it needs to be seen and felt. To be wandered through. A desert hike with an oasis of sound. Come and listen. Blindly. 


Kl.23.00 - 02.00

Damudomi DJs and friends

Faroe Islands First Ladies of Funk Damudomi djs + friends take over Fjosid again this year Thursday night. DamuDomi is a diverse female group sharing a vision for equal society. It's a real pleasure to welcome them back after a huge night at G! 2017. Expect special guests, djs and visuals up in the dance ????

Honeypie, DJ, Turið Nolsøe, visuals, Springarasystrarnar, DJs, Dan Helgi í Gong, visuals


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