15 Jul 2017

Kris Kristofferson donates his fee to the Faroese Children's Home

Kris Kristofferson just announced that he will not be taking any of the money for tonight's concert.

For musicians, playing music is a job ike any other job; it's about doing your part well and getting paid. 

But some people give more of themselves than anyone would ever ask. That's how Kris Kristofferson is. He is known for his charitable donations. 

The man himself just announced that he will not be taking any money for his concert at 18:00 tonight. Instead, he'll donate all the proceeds to the Children's Home in Tórshavn.

And the money is well appreciated, say the staff of the Children's Home, which helps traumatized children and youth.  

"All of the money will go directly to the children. In our usual operations we are not able to give the children special experiences, even though that's a very important part of building children up after trauma," says Katrin Haraldsen, manager of the Children's Home.

"We are very grateful," she says. 

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