The camping area opens on Wednesday, the 13th, at 17.00 and the festival area opens on Thursday, the 14th, at 12.00.

Opening Hours

Wednesday 13. July, from 17.00 and closes Sunday 17. July 12.00

On Wednesday the Ticket-van will be situated by the camping-area in Norðagöta. On Thursday the van will be in Syðrugöta.

Thursday 14. July
The ticket-van: 14.00 til 02.00

Friday 15. July
The ticket-van: 15:00 til 02:00

Saturday 16. July
The ticket-van: 11:00 til 03:00

Weekend tickets and camping-passes are available with the following vendors:

The Magn gas stations in Tórshavn, Runavík, Götu, Klaksvík and við Streymin. Tutl in Tórshavn.

The ticket-van by the festival entrance.

They can also be purchased here at the website.

One-day tickets are also available at the ticket-van by the festival entrance.

Children up to 12 years of age are allowed free entrance for G! this year.

Group Discount
Groups of 10 get a 10% discount of the ticket price.
Groups of more than 20 get a 20% discount of the ticket price.
Call 740000 and ask sales department to book group tickets.

To and from G! Buses, taxis, traffic

Festival Buses
Buses will be driving between the Camping Area in Norðagöta and the Festival Area in Syrðugöta on a regular basis. A bus will also be driving once an hour to Leirvík.

You need a wristband for the busses. The wristband can be used throughout the entire duration of the festival.

Wristbands can be purchased in the festival area and in the busses themselves.

The time schedule for the busses is
Thursday through saturday from 16.00-04.00

One ride costs 10 kr.

Wristbands for the entire weekend cost 100 kr.

Bygdaleiðir at G!
Bus 400 that drives between Tórshavn and Klaksvik will also stop in Götugjógv. See the timetables below.

Taxis and Minibuses
Taxi’s will be offering special prices throughout the festival.

Tenting and campervans

Tenting area
The tenting area is located on Mortansbøður in Norðagöta, between the football field and the graveyard. In order to get access to the tent area, you will need a tenting-area wristband as well as a weekend/or single-day wristband.

Mobile toilets will be right outside the tent area and showers are available from 20 kr. in the new sports house in Sarpugerð. The showers are open from 14.00-18.00.

The tenting area opens on wednesday at 17.00 and closes on sunday at kl.12.00.

⁃ No glasbottles are allowed on the tenting-area.
⁃ No fires, grills or outdoor cookers allowed.
⁃ No animals, fireworks or loud instruments.
⁃ The guards on the tenting-area have the final say in where the tents can be put up.
⁃ Due to fire hazards, is not allowed to connect tents via plastic or nylon covers.
⁃ Homemad tents are not allowed.
⁃ The size of the tent must to be equivalent to the number of people staying in it.
⁃ Tents made for more than 6 people cannot be used on the tenting area.
⁃ Three emergency exists are made available for ambulances or firetrucks. These may only be used in case of emergency. Using the exists may otherwise result in a ban from the tenting and festival area.

⁃ Only guests with tenting-wristbands as well as a weekend/VIP/Staff wristband are allowed on the tenting area.

The area for campervans is located around the football-field in Norðagöta. The vans will get access to electricity, water and will also be able to empty the toilets.

Family camping in Syrðagöta
This year we have a camping-area for families who want to stay in their own campers.

The area for family-tenting is located north of the football field in Norðagötu. Toilets and showers are available in the new sports house.

Bring your boat
Those wanting to sleep onboard their boats can buy tickets for the boating-area and deck their boats in Syrðugöta. Boats have access to electricity and water.

Check-in for musicians and performers

Musicians and other performers can check-in between 10:00 and 03:00 and have to check-in an hour before the performance at the latest. Check-in is at Tøting in Syðrugøta.  Check in hours are from 10:00 to 02:00.

Finnish tubs and sauna

4 Finnish tubs will be on the beach of Göta this year! Moreover, the sauna has been upgraded and is now better than ever

The tubs and sauna will be throughout the entire festival from 10.00 to 22.00

A special wristband is required to access the tubs and sauna. The wristband can be purchased at the information center inside the Festival Area and is valid for the duration of festival. Come on down to the beach and enjoy the grand mixture of the cold atlantic ocean, warm tubs and a steaming sauna!

Wristbands for the entire weekend cost 150 kr.

Sauna and tub guests can bring their own towel or rent one for 20 kr. Swimsuits can also be rented for 20 kr.


If you have a disability and would like to go to this year’s G! festival, this should be no problem

If you are in need of a personal assistant/carer, you can get him or her a free ticket by bringing the fylgjarakort (assistance card) from MBF (Faroese Association for those with disabilities). It must however be noted that there is only one ticket available per person with disability, and therefore it is best if you ensure that your assistant/carer can be with you every day of the festival.

Toilet facilities
There is a centrally located public toilet facility suitable for wheelchair access. The facilities will be exclusively reserved for those with disabilities and as a changing facility for families with young children.

Special viewing platforms
There are dedicated viewing platforms for those with disability. These will be marked, be lifted up from the ground to ensure good visibility and will have a ramp for wheelchair users for easy access.

Cars with disability placards can enter Syðrugöta. However, there is very limited parking in Syðrugöta, so we recommend that people with disabilities are dropped off at the festival site, and the cars parked in Götugjógv and Norðragöta.

Please remember to bring your MBF assistance card.