10 jul 2024

Júxn - a cultural hub

Welcome to the Júxn stage at G! Festival 2024, a vibrant hub of cultural exploration and expression. Previously known as Fjósið, this dynamic space has now expanded into three unique areas: the original Fjósið location, Tøting and Hjá Rønn.

Júxn is a representation of the culture that surrounds, underpins, and accompanies the music. It is a stage for deep immersion, a place where you can go behind the scenes and explore the more profound aspects of life. Here, we tackle difficult subjects, delve into the body, dance, and prayer, and celebrate song and literature. This is where we gain insight into why and how the present looks the way it does, how our circumstances have shaped us, and where we stand now.

Our program offers a unique blend of the familiar and the new, the comforting and the challenging, the inviting and the mysterious. It reflects the rich tapestry of Faroese culture as it unfolds in all its beauty, inspiring and surprising at every turn. You will experience the Faroese culture in its purest and most captivating form, as a remarkable and inspiring fusion of old and new, familiar and strange, comforting and challenging.

The Faroese culture is a unique blend of ancient traditions and modern influences, creating a dynamic and evolving cultural landscape. From traditional Faroese chain dancing and ballads to contemporary art and literature, the culture here is a living, breathing entity. At "Júxn," we celebrate this diversity, showcasing everything from historical narratives to modern innovations, providing a space where the past and present coexist and enrich each other.

At Júxn, we also welcome guests from around the world, offering you a unique opportunity to gain insights into global currents. These international guests bring with them fresh perspectives and new ideas, enriching our understanding of the world and our place within it. Through their stories and performances, we connect with broader cultural movements and trends, expanding our horizons and deepening our appreciation for the diversity and richness of human expression.

20 jul 2024
Syng við The Longest Johns

Her eru tekstirnir til sangirnir hjá The Longest Johns, um tú hevur hug at syngja við. Les meira »

20 jul 2024
Polkaskrúðgonga av tjaldingarökinum

Leygardagin kl 15 fer ein serlig skrúðgonga av ttjaldingarökinum yvir á festivalökið. Föroya festligasti bólkur, Die Færösche Polkaband, leiðir skrúðgonguna av veitsluhugaðum tjaldarum og öllum öðrum,… Les meira »

20 jul 2024
Tak börnini við á G! leygardagin

  Stóra barnatiltakið á G! við Angelu og Hannibal verður leygardagin kl 12.00 til 14.30 á Spæliplássinum og heldur fram frá 14.30 til 16.00 á Sandinum. Börn 12 ár og yngri sleppa ókeypis á G! í fylgi… Les meira »

19 jul 2024
Forkela kræsnu gómarnar

ROKK BBQ toymið, Sólfinn Danielsen, Jákup Sumberg og Benjamin Petersen bjóða nakað so spennandi sum natúrvín og sjógæti, fríggjadagin frá kl. 17:00-20:00, hjá Rönn. Les meira »

19 jul 2024
Fríggjadagur á G! Festivalinum

Enn ein dagur við tónleiki og góðum lag stendur fyri framan! Les meira »

19 jul 2024
Gongutúrurin framskundaður

Gongutúrurin úr Leirvík til Götu yvir fjall er framskundaður. Gongutúrurin verður kl 12 úr Leirvík og ikki sum áður lýst kl 14. Melda til á  paulajespersen@gmail.com ella telefon 229098 - avmarkað at… Les meira »